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Thread: 02.06 Restaurant Day Event!

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    I like this event, except that there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel a "start order" (for a time penalty). Or am I missing it? Several times already I got items from the islands, like lime, olives, bananas. It takes forever to get more of those without using t-cash.

    Also I see it's another event with an annoying competition you can't opt out of. I call it the "who spends most t-cash" competition. I try to pretend it's not there... ;-)

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    Dear Township I Love the new restaurant event super duper it's suprising how y'all still come with cool new ideas! 👍👍👍keep up the good work. 🤗⚘

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    I really enjoy the restaraunt day event. It is gives you a challenge but one that can be done easily. I wish this would become a permanent part of the game and not just temporary.

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    Ketchup Man slowly approaches his prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike


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    So bad to complain,but this type of game is not for me either,I loved the easter egg one,much better competing against your own co op members,I know that they dont cheat or play with t's the whole time.
    Bad for me if you can clearly see the top three playing with tcash,I mean the amount you can earn is not worth it,and have seen ,they play day and night,same player,different name.Does this sound like sour grapes?,maybe.
    I like to go and snoop in the township of the 1st contestant and it amazes me the things you see.
    So I have decided to take it cool,concentrate on the regatta,trains and plane,and cook whenever.
    I sincerely hope thd next event will be competing against my own co op members,ans gee, I have waited so long for this one.Well better hope for the next one.😦😢

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    I dont like this event at all. I think it has nothing to do with TS. I play this sort of games earlier but I didn't liked it at all. Also the items you need to open the restaurant are way too many. Hopening for a better events soon.

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    I'm loving it.

    I will miss that little minigame when it's gone and I'm hoping it comes back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Ketchup Man slowly approaches his prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike

    Hahahahaha! That's hilarious.

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    LOVE the restaurant task - however do not like the competing against the hackers and the spenders. Remove that and leave it as a personal goal and I will be happy. How about also giving us the heads up on what items we will need next so we can grow the potatoes or peppers in advance as we do with the planes?

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    I wish to display the list in advance before opening so that we can arrangr goods by that time.

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