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Thread: 02.06 Restaurant Day Event!

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    02.06 Restaurant Day Event!

    Great news, Townshippers!

    Our long-anticipated RESTAURANT DAY EVENT starts today! It's time to start celebrating!

    - Manage new temporary restaurants.
    - Cook food for customers and receive valuable rewards.
    - Earn tips you can spend on restaurant upgrades.
    - Fill time-limited orders.
    - Produce holiday goods at your factories: Chef's hat, Cookbook, and Tablecloth.
    - Get awesome holiday-themed decor for your town.
    - Enjoy new townspeople, cars, and many other surprises!

    Become the best restaurateur in the delicatessen competition!

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    Absolutely fantastic -- Love it -- 5 stars, great job guys
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    I think the event is good, but I am speedy like a koala bear. Nothing for me.
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    This is fun only issue cannot play on a small screen phone [I do this at work using data plan no wifi] so I will play on my tablet at home after all we have a full 9 days going to use most of the prizes in my zoo
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    Love the TEMPORARY time-management addition, but please DO NOT KEEP IT as part of the game! I don't play those types of games because my eyesight is bad, and I cannot always tell what part is needed. But the action is great! The Township characters are so cute and its nice to see them up close! The prizes are are nice, and the effort to get them isn't to extreme; products needed to enter the restaurant get a little hard to get, but it's a good concept!

    All-in-all, good job Playrix! Something new, challenging, and FAST!!!!
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    Amshene, I just bought the ice cream shop today, I think with one of the two tcash-sales with a deco. It'll hopefully/probably show up for you, too. :-)

    (btw, your wish might have a better chance in the Wishlist forum. It also was posted there already, but maybe one day.... at least it is not in the Dev's No-no-list. ;-) )

    ETA: oops, didn't quote and now your post is gone??
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    This is a very creative take on an event. It reminds me of the Nancy Drew computer games. It's been fun, but I wish we didn't have to wait an hour between levels.
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    I tried it, but I didn't care for it that much. I decided to go back to my barn and clean it out. I also had to milk my cows. I wish Township could move on and offer other activities besides time management games. How about Township Bingo, or a May Pole contest where people can chase down greased up piggies?

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    Can someone tell me how to open the pasta restaurant after I get the requirements to open it? I finished my 1st personal goal but it didn't allow me to open the 2nd restaurant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna Keller Barr View Post
    Can someone tell me how to open the pasta restaurant after I get the requirements to open it? I finished my 1st personal goal but it didn't allow me to open the 2nd restaurant.
    Hi Donna

    We need to reach our second achievement. It took me a while to figure that out!
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