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Thread: Restaurant Event

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    Beware the hot dog that is hidden under sqiggles of ketchup and mustard. I threw away a perfectly good hot dog before I realised what was missing.

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    Hi Tina. I've been having similar problems on my phone. It's hopeless I just keep doing the wrong order, very frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post

    Not only do I have to wait an hour before a new set of customers show up (the "break time") but when the hour's up, I have to provide some products to continue as well. These products will take me over an hour to produce. Why did you make me wait an hour in the first place? 24 carrots to continue! BS!

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    Seriously. Had it had the preview feature like in planes, it wouldve made much sense. Otherwise it just looks like playrix wants us to wait and wait some more and not play the game?
    I was enjoying the game but this has totally pushed me off the wagon.
    The thing is i want to play the game whenever i want to like the last event, dont really like to be the slave of the game.

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    I always enjoy reading the postings of Vuurvi and cdosr who have the big picture of a software enterprise and how they provide the game experience in a constant balancing act between gouging and just staying in business. This event provides two different paths to getting the decorations you have your eye on. For those flush with t-cash, you can buy them outright and spend your time doing other things. For those on a budget, you can play the event and win them. And you can do some of both. This one runs 9 days? So, Playrix is providing flexibility to you, the consummate game consumer.
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    Not liking the event. Don't like the hour wait. Don't like all the products needed. Don't like the "prizes".....I will never display them in my town. The update is a disappointment, the event is waste of time and products. Nine days is too long. I'm done with Township til the next update at the end of the month. Have a nice

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    I like it! The rewards are cute and exactly what I was wanting to decorate my theme park area.

    You can upgrade the restaurant for a shorter wait time, with the coupons you earn from filling orders.

    I bought the offer that had the little ice cream parlor. Not sure if I want the other one with the hot air balloon, I'd rather it looked more like a classic hot air balloon than a chef's hat.

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    When I leveled up, I seem to have lost all restaurant upgrades, I had done on the prior level. Grrrr

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    How about frying pans? That's what they want from me. It's a joke

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    I love this! What a relief after the recent Gardenscapes event, where there was no reason to play if you couldn't win the competition.

    To the complainers, I will point out that you have nine days!

    I'm really excited. I've seen these restaurant games in the heli ads but never downloaded them. I'd love to hear tips from people who play those games, particularly on what should be upgraded first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaihikatea View Post
    How about frying pans? That's what they want from me. It's a joke
    for starting the next round? that's bold...

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