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Thread: Restaurant Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ann View Post
    Maybe im the only one....but im enjoying this event, lol!!!
    Hi Ann, I like it too. It helps to break the monotony of loading factories, etc.


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    Not liking this at all.
    I play Township because it is a fun inventory management/farming/city building game. There are hundreds of restaurant game apps out there already. If I wanted to play Youda Sushi Chef, I would not be here in the first place, I'd be playing Youda Sushi Chef (which is remarkably similar to this latest "challenge"). I understand that you want to keep it "fresh". And you actually did that with the bunny thing. But this is old, boring, and... (fill in the blank).

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    Hi LifeJacket and All,

    How to fill up what? Refill the empty stock such as burgers or lettuce? Tap on the plus sign that appears, don't tap twice! Second tap costs one tcash and is a speed up which makes it fill immediately but if you wait about 10 or 20 seconds it refills without costing you any cash.
    Product Refills - When I tap (green plus button) it cost me $1 Tcash even though it took 10 or more seconds to refill the product(s)?

    Unidentified ingredients: I've also had to throw a few products out because I couldn't quite see what was on the requested burger or sandwich!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    LOL - this thread really makes me look forward to the event...!
    Just for the record.... I'M LOVING IT ! Good Luck

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    Pretty weird that the game lumped my level 12(started at 11) town in with someone at level 22(21 when leaderboard showed up for me). They have the market and a coop. I have none of these yet and they have over 4200 points. Good thing I am only playing for the personal rewards. My score of 1238 and but climbing might be hard pressed to catch up.
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    I'm enjoying this event. I like that we get a forced break from it which allows me time to attend to other areas of my town. We have been given 9 days with this event...plenty of time to earn all the rewards. Not interested at all in the competition, so I will most likely stop playing after I complete the last level. I really don't understand all the's not a permanent part of the game and I wouldn't want it to be. I think having different types of event games is a good idea. By the way, whoever designed the ice cream shop was brilliant! It's so darn cute! Thanks Playrix devs! (Oh my goodness, 3 exclamation points in a row. What am I doing?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jommeke View Post
    I really don't like this event. It's like the fishingevent we had earlier: waiting, waiting,waiting and a terrible competition against other players who use T-cash to end in first place.
    I'm in first place, sometimes second, and haven't used any t-cash. I have run all my coins down to zero though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaihikatea View Post
    Can't you all see the ripoff here?
    If you never buy anything, how do you expect them to be a business? I play a lot and get more enjoyment than watching a movie so paying during an event for all the fun I have is not a rip-off, it's paying for my entertainment at a rate that hopefully is sustainable.

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    I'm enjoying it too! A diversion from normal town-ing. I used my points to shorten the wait.

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    I have a friend who suffers from colorblindness and this is difficult for her telling things apart in this event. I suggested she look at the shape of the condiments etc. I know it's tough for her but she keeps plugging along LOL.

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