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Thread: Interview with Marcelle aka Graylady

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    Interview with Marcelle aka Graylady

    Hey, guys! 🌞

    Please welcome our next interviewee: Marcelle, aka β€œGraylady”! πŸ’πŸ’— Are you ready to learn more about the person behind that nickname and get some useful tips from one of the wisest members of our community? Then, what are you waiting for – read on! πŸŒΌπŸ‘‡

    Interviewer: Hello, Marcelle! I’m pretty sure everyone knows who you are, but could you tell us a bit more about your life?

    Marcelle: I am a retired woman, a few years from seventy, who can't really believe she is getting that old! Married with no children, my husband and I have a very quiet life. I am French Canadian and learnt English mainly through work. I always worked in contact with people: in a sales department, the public service or teaching. Living in the country, I enjoy my garden and all the wildlife we get to see. My husband and I both love birds, so we feed them all year round, and we both enjoy seeing such unusual visitors. Hummingbirds are our favorite, and we can't wait to see them back in May.

    I.: What's the story behind your username?

    M.: I do not remember if it was when I registered on a gardening forum for daylilies or a site to post pictures, but I could not use my nickname of the time, which was Paruline. I ended up with going with my look: the lady with gray hair, LOL!

    I.: Rumor has it that you're a huge fan of Playrix games. What was it about Township that got you hooked once and for all?

    M.: Having a PC since 1989, I started playing your games a long time ago. Not sure which one was the first, but I played many of them over time. I was really happy to find you in the mobile world after getting my first tablet.

    Township has all the attributes of a good game to me. Nice graphics with a lot of details to look for. Nothing too hard but complex enough to have to use our brain. The liberty to create something to our liking. Even though we get to build all the same buildings, we can place them where we want, move them around anytime we want and surround them with the decorations of our choice. We do not have to click a thousand times to collect a few coins constantly. Nothing is completely locked to force us to spend real money. With patience, we can do everything and get everything except a few fancy decorations. The game generates enough currency for the player in no hurry.

    I.: What game achievement are you most proud of?

    M.: Without a doubt, my 1519 login days. Mainly because we lost our power a couple of times in winter and I lost my internet during that time. Only twice did I drive to some friends to connect to the game for a few minutes.

    I.: Do you find it challenging to maintain this achievement?

    M.: I do not have a smartphone, and I do not have access to a very fast internet connection. I depend totally on my WiFi and electric power. Living in a northern country with long and hard winters, I may lose either my internet connection or even worse – lose the power completely. There are times when I wish I could play without being online. Luckily, since I started playing Township, we've never had a blackout longer than for 12 hours.

    I.: Which Township event did you enjoy the most? What kinds of events would you like to see in the game?

    M.: My favorite was the co-op teamwork for Easter last year. I really enjoyed that one as it was another way to give back to my team. Since very early in the game, I always wanted to help players at much lower levels. That was a perfect occasion. I would love to see more events where we have fun working together for a goal but without having to compete. It’s keeping the fun without the stress.

    I.: What would you do differently if you had to start the game all over again?

    M.: The only thing I would do differently is buy more market boxes earlier in the game. When I started, I was not sure if the price was for one extra box for one time only.

    I.: You’ve been actively contributing to our Forum since 2014. How does it feel to be an essential part of the Township community for so long?

    M.: I am proud of all the work I have done on the forum over the years. Like I said earlier, the game is complex enough that new players have thousands of questions over time. That is why I got involved early on. That is why I am still here.

    I.: Did you make any friends with other players or people on the Forum? Have you had the chance to meet anyone in person?

    M.: I've made friends on the Forum, but we live too far apart to meet. I have a new member in my co-op that lives within twenty kilometers [of me]. I will try to meet her next summer. Others are within one hundred kilometers and maybe we could try making a collective meeting somewhere central. I am thinking about such an idea.

    I.: Our players would certainly appreciate some insights about the game from a Townshipper as experienced as you are! Could you share some tips?

    M.: My most important tip is: take your time.
    Do not rush. Enjoy the "doing" instead of the "finishing."
    My second would be: use the delete button in the helicopter pad.
    No use to have orders that take eight hours to complete as you could have made many shorter ones during that time. Three reasons to delete orders:
    • too cheap,
    • too long,
    • too many products.

    My third tip would be: Spend your T-cash wisely.
    Buy useful things that you will use forever like production boxes and market boxes. Spending T-cash to accelerate one product once should be used very rarely as it can become quite expensive.

    I.: Thank you, Marcelle, for answering our questions.

    If you guys have any other questions for our marvelous interviewee, feel free to use this thread.πŸ‘πŸŒ 

    Do YOU want to share your story with the Township community? Go ahead and apply for the next interview in this thread. πŸ’šπŸŒˆπŸ‘€
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    Absolutely great interview Garylady (or should i say Marcelle?)!! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us!

    I'm glad i got the chance to learn your real name, and the portrait they made for you is lovely, how close of reality is it?

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    A truly wonderful interview!

    So thrilled to get to know a bit more about you, Marcelle.

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    Fabulous - Graylady/Marcelle! Wonderful to see you here in interview land, at last!

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    A fabulous interview Graylady! And what a wonderful pic! You are even wearing your gardening gloves!

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    Such a delightful interview from such a wonderful lady! I really enjoyed reading as I watched my birds at the feeders

    Thank you so much for all your help and patience, especially with new players!

    So happy to finally see you showcased, Graylady/Marcelle!!

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    I enjoyed your interview very much.

    Thank you for sharing and all those questions you have answered over the years!

    Kind Regards,

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    Graylady..this is a truly wonderful interview..I have learnt so much from you over the years and just want to say Thank you for the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    Thank you for sharing and all those questions you have answered over the years!
    And in multiple languages at that!

    Beautiful illustration too. I hope you interviewees get a high-res file because if I were GL I'd have that printed on fancy paper and hang it over the fireplace.

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    I love you Graylady! You were one of my first game friends and I cherish your game helps and your comments here in the forum.
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