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Thread: Raja, The Market Man Price increase!?

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    Raja, The Market Man Price increase!?

    Please take note that he has had an increase in price.

    Manage your tCash accordingly for his next offer.

    (60% off is now 36 tCash, not 32)

    Good Luck and happy gaming!

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    I do not remember seeing that offer. Is that when you hire him just once in a while? That offer is for how many days?

    The regular reduction for 10 days is still the same : 72 T-cash instead of 90.

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    He has cost 36 tcash for a long time. I only ever buy him at 60% off and that is what I am charged. I have to admit though I have never checked if I really am getting a reduction of 60%.

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    Raj regularly cost 90 T cash. 60% of 90 is 54. 90-54=36.

    36 T cash is mathmatically correct. I guess Ghosts don’t learn math in ghost school? Regardless, you’ve been banned so hopefully the haunting will finally stop!

    In addition to Salmo’s experience with it always being 36T, this thread from Sept 2017 discusses the 60% off offer. So there hasn’t been any recent increase.
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