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Thread: Restaurant Event

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    Restaurant Event

    This is an amazing game in of itself. It would be awesome if it became a permanent part of the game. Something like an endless mode to earn gold? I'm not sure but I will hate to see it go. Thanks.

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    I don't like it at all. There are a lot of restaurant games you can play outside Township. I think this event it has nothing to do with TS.
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    For once I agree with you Miss Sloane lol. I can't even see any rewards yet and I've played and deleted similar cooking games in the past. What has this to do with our towns that we take great pride in building? Absolutely nothing

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    If you tab on the present on the lower right side of the reastaurant you can find the rewards. There are 7 of them.

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    Guess it's another revenue collecting exercise on behalf of Playrix

    Oh yep I found that early in the peace and thought is this all I get? Sorry not good enough for me when I've fed Playrix for so long. Not any longer lol

    We are all suckers here
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    I like restaurant games but they get boring very quickly, which is why I'm delighted to play this limited one!

    Curses on the fiend who thought up the hour delay between orders. I must resist buying the speed up, must resist, must resist.... arrggghhhh...I couldn't resist.

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    I really don't like this event. It's like the fishingevent we had earlier: waiting, waiting,waiting and a terrible competition against other players who use T-cash to end in first place.

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    Couldn't agree more actually. I love this game love the concept, met great friends- but I hate the money side of things man have I fed my share,and what I hate the most is the influence of certain teams that are in the know. Therefore it's not a level playing field for the rest of us

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    And now they are asking for frying pans?? To play the event? Cmon Playrix make it so we want to play. You won't suck any more money out of me

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    I've worked it out. The ultimate prize is 20tc wow so generous when every week that's easily doable without spending a cent. Can't you all see the ripoff here?

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