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Thread: Less Medial Tasks! More Events! More Stars!

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    Less Medial Tasks! More Events! More Stars!

    I really enjoy this game. The only part that I don't like is there are too many small tasks (tasks within tasks) that use up all your "stars" quickly. I would love it if the "Gardenscapes Gods" would give more stars for each level because once you are on the higher levels (example I'm on 1257) the boards are really hard and can take days/weeks to pass and one measly star just doesn't seem to be rewarding. Also, it would be GREAT to have more events like you did for Valentines where you can replay the event boards to make lots of coins!

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    They could give us more stars per level; they would just up the amount it takes to accomplish a task. Instead of needing 3 or 4, you would need 6 or 7. It's regulated thing, stars are arbitrary. The point being that they have allotted 'X' number of levels to complete a section of the garden. Giving us more stars per level would mean we'd be done the game sooner. From a business perspective, that sounds like something they'd strive to avoid.

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