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Thread: Collecting stars.

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    Collecting stars.

    This could be a great game..... But it takes FOREVER at times to collect stars. It should be pending your score per each level you get 1 2 or 3 stars. 1 star at a time is quite annoying and gets highly boring while you collect stars. And coins could be earnt with combos aswel not just explosions. Would make me want to play the game alot more and recommend it to others if it wasn't so frustrating waiting...

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    I totally agree. I'm ready to delete it and quit Playrix. It's obvious this is no longer a game to be fun for participants but a money maker for Playrix. I like your idea about how to earn stars. I've also gotten fed up with needing to do tasks that have nothing to do with the garden, like fire alarms, packages, and doorbells. I contacted them and told them I'm ready to quit. I refuse to pay to play. Not only does it take multiple stars, it takes multiple levels of multiple stars to complete one task. One task recently took me 32 stars to complete. I want to go back to gardening and a game that is fun again. I definitely won't recommend it any longer.

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    Oh my gosh YES!!!! My thoughts exactly! I am on level 1257 and it has taken me a week to pass a level and only get ONE star for the effort. It doesn't feel rewarding anymore.

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