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Thread: What Do You Think of The Market Dealer?

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    Am fairly wealthy in terms of coins (spent millions buying the walk of fame statues to get the achievement). Helping friends earns more coins than anything, and makes one a millionaire.

    Leveling up means the next barn upgrade needs more tools, so I only fill helicopter orders when there's an event that needs it.

    I always have Raja/the dealer working - to help friends or buy ore or tools for the mine.

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    I guess everyone is entitled to what he/she likes or not... I love the dealer... and I do not think it is an unfair advantage because Raja is self sustaining. You do not need to fork out real cash to keep him at your service. Also, the fact that you can only use him once every hour prevents 'exploitation'... I suppose... I wouldn't want the developers to limit him in any other way.. They have already done that once by limiting the amount of jewelry you can buy from him... I agree though that refreshing his deals to get the best deal can be a pain sometimes... but other than that, he is a vital part of my gameplay and makes the game flow better.

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    I love the dealer, too. For me, it's not game-breaking. I have plenty of other challenges right now. Like trying to afford the last 6 land plots I need. Or getting enough planks to finish a zoo exhibit. Or get enough ingots to max out all my factories. Or get my ship artifact sets done. There's plenty in the game that Raja can't really help with, so I still find it challenging.

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    Ditto to the above. Taking some time to become up skilled and inspired from others
    Yay ,,,, to you Senior landlords
    Thanks for all your knowledge

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    I will admit that I changed the way that I played as my levels increased (and my barn space wasn't always in the negative).

    The market and Raja are a life-saver to me. In the early days, I too used Raja to buy the items that I needed to fill my plane (and regretted that soon after). Now, Raja is (as he is to others) my primary source of ore. During the current season, I do find that I am getting a few mining supplies too.

    Having finally reached that blessed level where I have no more Community Buildings to buy and the amount of materials needed on hand for zoo upgrades is much less, I find that I am able to store a lot more of everything, so I still use Raja primarily for ore. (In rare occasions when I turn on my zoo booster, I will use him for those crazy items in the zoo that get me massive points without having to go in there every 10 minutes to reload corn or milk.)

    And where I used to only buy those few items from the market that took forever to make and depleted all the other resources that I wanted to keep on hand (such as books, suits, wallpaper, and honey marshmallow, to name a few), I now buy EVERYTHING that isn't crop. This way, if anyone in my co-op is having a hard time filling something, I can usually lend a hand. (Sandwiches and syrup and butter still do me in though.)

    I highly recommend using Raja for ore and improve your factories/trains/islands as soon as possible. It makes everything so much easier.

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    Ooh, necro thread, interesting read, good find!

    I agree that until you run out of CBs and no longer need to store building materials, Raja is very helpful indeed for the occasional plane or team help. I’m level 62 and find it pretty much impossible to keep more than 4 of everything in storage at one time, which is often just not enough to turn planes over swiftly imho. Barn upgrade tools are a big issue at this level too. He’s basically all I use Tcash for. The bulk of the time, he’s providing ores for upgrades and the odd bit of jewellery. I used the rush buff on him this week, which was just as spectacularly awesome as you’d expect, lol. Purists who think having him feels a bit cheaty, just don’t use him, problem solved.

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    I think i had the dealer hired 3 times since i started playing, once when it was free when opening the market, second time when i first got the 20% discount, and the third when it was 36 tcash for 10 days. And the last time i used him for ore almost exclusively (don't remember what i did with him the other times, it was so long ago..). It was fine while it lasted, but i can't say that i miss him, or that i can't imagine playing the game without him.
    And somehow, i still managed to upgrade trains to level 21, and reduce time for the most used factories + 1 island.

    On a somewhat related note, i also never purchased any additional boxes in the market, i still have the "buy new box for 5 tcash" offer there, and still have enough products to fill airplane/train/helicopter orders.

    Another example on how this game can be played in so many different ways..

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    This second game I'm playing (did away with my previous township on windows phone) I actually activated Raja's market search as soon as I could and kept it active ever since. Ore, ore, ore, ore and more ore. That's what I'm using him for.

    My trains are at 50% and feeding mills are maxed on shelves, so they're done for now.

    I'm upgrading factories now and it's really nice to see big bonuses in gold from heli missions and to see staple good like breadbuns and cheese being done a good bit faster. Not to mention I'm rarely running out of sugar lumps anymore.

    I also have like 40 boxes or something. Love using them to fill hot items in my zoo. And help keep the trains and planes on fast rotation.

    This game would go a lot slower for me without Raja.

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    I like dealer, I love the dealer so much because it gives you some advantage in game for sure but that does't has to be a big problem. Most of time I use dealer for full fill my goals and planes.

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    Since the 60% Off Dealer & An Amazon Echo Trick thread is now closed (-why?!), i'll say here that the 60% off offer came back after one month of not hiring the dealer (last time i did was when i got another 60% off deal)

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