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Thread: Racing Start Time

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    Racing Start Time

    Why do other countries get to start in the regatta before the US starts? It's not fair.
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    Hi Deloris, the regatta has to start at a certain time and this is the time that Playrix have chosen. In the US, you will still be playing whilst those who started earlier will be asleep.

    The racing is made fair, because, if two or more teams finish the race with exactly the same score, the team that is deemed the winner is the team that finished in the fastest time overall, not the team that started first.

    For the very small teams, one of the strategies used, is to prep the tasks and actually start the race on the 2nd or 3rd day.

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    Deloris...Please reframe your question...OMG...That question sounded so racist....Is US the only country in the world? I hope Playrix is noticing the tone and tenor of the question.The aim of Playrix is to get people from around the world getting to play Township Game together...It's aim is not limited to only USA playing the game...Can USA survive alone in this world if there were no other countries on this earth...And what type of question was that....Don't you know there is something called time zone difference...

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    That's a bit over the top!!! I hope playrix notices the tone and tenor of your response. Don't call someone a racist for asking a question. People like the op don't understand the time differences and how we all get the same time to play. So they see it as unfair. A simple explanation suffices.

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    Indeed the race starts when people from Canada, America and Sout-America are (mostly) asleep. But the systeem looks at the starting time when two teams have the same points so it isn't unfair. A regatta takes 6 x 24 hours thats the same for all the teams.

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    A few people in my coop from America set at alarm to start the Regetta, they pick a task then go back to sleep. It depends how keen you are on starting the regetta, also depends if you are doing a minimum amount of points per task, wherever its worth setting it for when it starts or a few hours in.
    Some good answers to your question in regards to it needs to start at a certain time etc.
    Really don't think it was racist though.
    Good luck!

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    The regatta open for everyone on the planet at the same time BUT each co-op get a starting time when the first member pick the first task. That is when the timer for that co-op start. In case of 2 teams with the same number of points, this is the starting time that will calculate the total time taken to do the tasks, NOT the opening of the regatta.

    Any team from the Americas can still win the race. They just have to finish their task the fastest they can (in case of a tie).

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    Will the timer start if we dump tasks to get some 135 pt tasks before we start anything. I just want to be sure and not give out incorrect Info.

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    No, you can dump all you like and it doesn’t start your team’s ‘clock’ until somebody actually takes a task.

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