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Thread: Matching of Regatta teams, seems to vary.

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    Matching of Regatta teams, seems to vary.

    We are a golden league co op. We have been on a 1st place streak we have had 12 people racing. Two weeks in a row team 2 has had 11 people racing. We figured maybe 1 person left their team. But now thinking back this happens alot. Are we matched in a 10 to 12 people racing? I was under the impression we were equally matched. Thank you.

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    It's likely that either they kicked a player out or a player left. You will always be matched up with teams who had the same number of racers as you AT THE START of the Regatta

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    We have seen such reports here before, with teams having or seeing one racer plus or minus. Suddenly or from the start. Also about teams having less than 15 teams in their race.
    I believe we can't be totally sure when it happens. It could also be that Playrix has to squeeze some last groups in somewhere cos they are not enough for building their own group of 15. Although I admit it seems strange with these many many racing Coops. :-)

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    Okay, I think I just learned something about the regatta. Am I understanding correctly, that once the Golden League level is reached, (achieved twice, 12th & 13th!), that the top co-ops are placed in position by Playrix algorithms? Interesting. I wondered how, with so many co-ops achieving Golden League top 3 status, how the competition was metered? (is that a correct usage here?) Out of possibly 10's of thousands of co-ops in the Golden League top 3, guess there has to be some sort of "gesturing" for placement. Thanks, DD, your explanation of how teams are placed helped answer that question. Guess a lot of options go into placement; how many times won, number of active co-op members, the level of each town in the co-op, etc. Never really gave it much thought; only wondered how so many could compete for the top 3 positions.

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    Last week we had a player leave within an hour of the race starting without even doing a task! So straight away we were on the back foot 7 of us racing against 8 in the other teams- so it does happen. A very selfish thing to do I might add. Miraculously we still won the race because our opposition was weak but it dented our climb up the glb because that week's score stays with us for a month.

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    We only play every other week, so it was two weeks ago now but my co-op has three players and we were playing against all teams of three except for one which only had two players. That was from the very beginning. Not complaining, just thought it was odd.

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    At the beginning of each regatta the systems looks at the numbers of people that are actually racing. If you are in a coop with lets say 15 people and 12 are racing you need to race against other coops how also have 12 people racing. During a race it often happens that coops loose people.

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