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Thread: Bamboo For The Zoo

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    Bamboo For The Zoo

    Not a major idea, I know, but it would be nice to be able to decorate with bamboo around some enclosures, like pandas and tigers.

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    Hi Ldoone: Welcome to the Forum! I asked for bamboo plants over a year ago, and Bird of Paradise and other tropicals. Sure hope they do more plants someday.
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    Nana - with the way things are going at the moment you'll eventually get the bird of paradise flowers but they will be massive and very cartooney!

    I'd like more plants that don't have fencing and some that can go at the edge of water (like bullrushes maybe) not just in it (waterlillies)

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    Hi Ivvie, yes a number of us have asked for that too, we still live in hope lol

    I'd like to have more decorative flora, relative to each of the habitats.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Ayuda! Me quitaron los animales del zoo, desde la ultima actualización no aparecieron.
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