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    I want to suggest, if at all possible, a way to stop a co-op leader from kicking you from their group right away if you have helped their regatta earn buoys and have not received the rewards yet. The last one I was in kicked me right as it was ending when I help them all the way through.

    All because I couldn't do quite as many as them (but still a decent enough amount to keep them moving forward) and essentially no-life it. They used me for help up to about 2 hours left, then kicked me.

    More or less, if you helped earn the buoys/regatta, a little leeway to collect the rewards at the end before they can kick you out would be nice. So you're not wasting all that time helping them earn it, only to be remove from the group so you can't get the stuff you helped them earn.

    Thanks and sorry it's a bit wordy.

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    I'm sorry this happened to you, but in general I disagree with the suggestion.

    Kicking members is the only way a leader has to enforce racing rules. If anyone kicked still got rewards, there would be nothing stopping a player from joining a different co-op every week and only doing a few tasks, knowing that they will get rewards whether they follow the rules or not. This is obviously not fair to those in the co-op who do follow the rules.

    Also, not every co-op is focused on just gaining buoys. I don't know your specific situation, but if they cared more about getting first place or leaderboard points, you not doing all the tasks actually hurt them. If they didn't kick you out until 2 hours to go, that probably means they wanted to give you a chance.

    You might want to look for a more relaxed co-op. There are a ton listed in the Co-op section of this board.Relaxed Co-ops Looking For New Members

    Again, really sorry this happened, and I hope you find a co-op that is perfect for your playing style
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    That would have been fine if they were up front about it. Then I would have informed them that I can't play enough to do that and would have found another co-op. As it stands, I was told to do "what I can" and they left it at that.

    But yea, was just a suggestion. I ended up created my own co-op. lol

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    I understand how you feel however when you join a co op you should reach out to the leader to find out about the co op rules and requirements. I did just put a thread in about giving leaders of co ops more space to explain the co op rules completely..

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    Again, I did. I was told to "do what I can." Nothing more, nothing less.

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