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Thread: Regatta Discription

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    Regatta Discription

    It would be useful to give us more space to type in the Discription for the Regatta so that the Leader can full explain the rules of the regatta. i had tried to explain in co op chat however since the chat gets lost with in the chat after a few chats go by i have to continue to repeat myself. we need enough room to fully explain to all members upon joining. this is only fair to the Leader and co op members and New Members..

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    Agreed. I think a permanent rules page tab inside the coop would be a great addition. The public description part is very short, and also there are reasons to not to divulge every single rule or a team's entire strategy to casual onlookers and competition.

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    Yes yes this would be awesome. It would be a huge time savor for leaders who don't have to explain the same things which each new member over and over and over and Over!

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    Totally agree with all of the above.

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