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Thread: Game Too Hard (Especially In Higher Levels)

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    More time or a little easier to win

    I am 33 years old and I'm good at many games but this is by far one of the hardest games to achieve beating in each game you play and maybe just think about either adding a little more time or a little extra helo because not everyone has money I'm on a fixed income but I love playing and trying to fill my tanks up it's just so frustrating that it takes me a day or two or sometimes longer just to beat a level and I'm by far from dumb so plz think about making the game a little easier to succeed in and I can't imagine many kids being able to play this and actually pass through the higher levels.. My child was crying because she couldn't beat the levels I try helping her and I can't even help so it makes me look like a terrible mom when I can't even help her beat it 🤔 plz try and fix this issue because I don't want to delete this game and upset her more or b upset myself.. Even 30 extra seconds would b helpful or 10 extra moves.. There r too many things to b done with barely any moves to use ..thanks soo much

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    Hi Shooting Star

    I am afraid this is done to slow us down. They need time to develop a new tank and all decorations for it. When players reach the last tank and can't open one because it is not ready, they complain too. Playrix make games that are taking a lot of time to grow. Not games we go through fast. When I hit a frustrating level, I just feed my fishes for a while and take a break.
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    So I'm not the only one frustrated that I can't pass these levels lol it's soo hard to get through I felt like litterly getting rid of this game a few times already.. I just wish they would help in sone type of way I guess. But I understand where you're coming from though.. I just feel as though some of these boards are next to impossible to pass 🤔🙄 thanks for the response though I appreciate your feedback but either make new levels quickly or try speeding the tank and accessories up a little lol

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    Over 700 levels.... it s really too hard to pass level... before one level sometime hard .. one week to pass it.. now all levels hard.. petrol.. bomb.. icebergs... the competition can t be win by high levels ... can you please give more bonus for high levels when you win ?... i think really to delete this game cause that...

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    I have downloaded the game two days ago. I am stuck on level 67. I am only so far, because yesterday I had a prize that gave me unlimited lives for 6 hours. Many of the levels are way too difficult, even at the beginning of the game. You need way too many lives to get ahead. And getting one every 30 minutes, but not more than 5 doesn't help, either.

    I am short of deleting the game again, although I think the game is a nice idea.
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    Now I'm stuck on level 68.
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    Less Difficulty in Achieving New Levels

    I think it would be more satisfying if the difficulty in achieving levels were eased up. I know for myself, I have spent money to hopefully move up but even then, I have one remaining...and how much should we really have to spend to play? Very little in the way of getting diamonds and cash does not pay for diamonds to play. Sometimes it is extremely frustrating rather than being fun. Maybe you can change the difficulty level rather than we end up deleting the app.

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    Fishdom levels

    The 654 level is so difficult and boring. Please give the possibility to win much easier the levels and this game could be on the first place

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    I'm on level 2065 or something close to it, I can't go any further until they come up with a tank after USA. But I'd be glad to try and help you if you'd accept it from me. I don't remember what is on that level, but if you want to explain it, I'll give it my best shot!

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    Level 841 is beyond boring.. Uninstalled game to start from beginning, but it doesn't seem to work.
    Guess uninstall and find another game is my only solution.
    Unless you make the levels passible, the game is a waste of time. Sad, because I really liked the game.
    Same reason I got rid of candy crush

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