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Thread: New aquarium does not unlock

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    New aquarium does not unlock

    USA won't unlock though I have 3 stars in each of the 14 other aquariums. Is it normal?

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    Hi Shamrock87! It's true that our US aquarium is not yet available Let's hope that our developers will be able to finish designing it asap (in about two months probably)

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    I’m having the same problem with India. I have all the stars through USA but India says I still need 2 stars to unlock.

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    Go back and check each aquarium individually, not in the 4 grouped together. You will almost always find one or two aquariums that are missing just a few coins (and it only looks like you have all 3 stars in the grouped page).

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    Thanks! That was the problem. Very 1st group had 2 missing just a few points.

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