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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    we have taken the PC away.
    to clear everything
    and put on a new wino
    don't help animals and that building is gone again ....
    whatever you do don't help ...
    I don't understand why the game is behind it
    who does nothing there ...
    I hope I get a reply from times too …


    wij hebben de pc weggebracht.
    om alles leeg gemaakt
    en nieuw wino op gezet
    help niet zoo dieren en dat gebouw zijn weg weer....
    wat je ook doet help niet ...
    ik begrijp niet waarom spel die er achter zit
    die daar niets doet ...
    ik hoop dat ik keer ook antwoord van krijg aub...

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    Angry zoologico

    eu não consigo ver os animais que já comprei,não consigo ver meus prédios do zoológico que já comprei e já alterei níveis,que [-] de jogo é esse que apaga tudo ,some com as coisas... eu não vou compra tudo de novo quero meu zoológico de volta como estava. GRATA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simone Chaves View Post
    I can't see the animals I already bought, I can't see my zoo buildings I already bought and I have changed levels, which game is [...] the one that erases everything, some things go away ... I won't buy everything from I want my zoo back as it was. THANKFUL

    You'll have to contact support directly from your game (see HERE a guide on how to do that), tell them all details about your zoo you can remember, and they will help you restore it to its previous stage.
    Good luck!

    Você terá que entrar em contato diretamente com o suporte do seu jogo (veja AQUI um guia sobre como fazer isso), contar a eles todos os detalhes sobre o seu zoológico que você pode lembrar, e eles o ajudarão a restaurá-lo ao seu estágio anterior.
    Boa sorte!
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    Lost my zoo as well cant get facebook from the game. I love this game please help.

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwirooster View Post
    My zoo has semi-disappeared again. My buildings and decorations have gone and my animal enclosures are all shoved into one corner of the zoo. My issue is that I can't use the report an issue button any more and when I go into the help section and hit contact us and fill out a form with the issue and my details there I get an email saying that they need more technical details and to fill out the contact us form within the game which I have already done. I have told them this but no response. So frustrating. I would have though the update would have fixed this bug!!!

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    My zoo is missing...What am I suppose to do. I have updated like you page said. There is a bug and I pay money with you all for this game..I emailed and you are not easy to get help from. Thanks Sandra

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    Angry у меня 14 раз пропадает зоопарк со всеми постройками и животными

    помогите решить проблему или как вы ее решаете, у меня 14 раз пропал зоопарк и кому я только не писала и что только не делала, ничего не помогает, жалко у Игоря и Дмитрия Бухман нет личного чата, а то бы с удовольствием пожаловалась ребятам как гробят их детище!!!!
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    IDEM mon zoo a disparu Wolfdream city ZOO level 29
    Township zoo wolfdream city.jpg

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    6th time for everything in my zoo has disappeared.

    Why does this keep happening? Once again I've open a ticket the only way I can through the gear icon, but you always tell me I must do it through the game. Come on tech support FIX the dang problem with the zoo. I'm on my 5th email trying to enplane ONCE AGAIN. your zoo sucks. Everything is missing. I list all of the items but you keep telling me to open a ticket through the game. AGGggggggg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gy Ba View Post
    IDEM mon zoo a disparu Wolfdream city ZOO level 29
    Township zoo wolfdream city.jpg
    J'ai désinstallé le jeu puis réinstallé et le problème est toujours présent ! Plus de bâtiments ni de décorations

    Playrix n'a pas répondu à ma demande !
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    Heute ist mein Zoo verschwunden, alles einfach weg.
    Gibt es da ein Lösung?

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