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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsongarry08 View Post
    This is the 2nd time that my zoo has disappeared. I rebuilt it when I lost all of it the first time but not doing it again for a 3rd time. we should not have to use building suplyes, spend coin, and cash to rebuild something that we have done. as I say we as I am not the only one in my co-op or in game that has lost our zoo. I have built 10 Enclosures, 4 building or shops, and many decorations that I have spent cash and coin on.

    my township name is DUKE NELSON level 63 and zoo level is 10 I will like all of this matter fixed.

    hope to hear from somebody about this matter very soon, Thank You
    Nevada's response to another player directly above your post is the only advice we can give you here on the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    I’m going to risk the old saying, and assume you are on windows.

    As you seem to have already pointed out, there is much discussion about this already. Unfortunately as a player-to-player forum, all we can suggest is that you contact customer support. If you are unsure on how to do this, you can find instructions in the link in my signature below.
    Added: click here for the link to instructions on how to contact CS should you need it. Good luck hope you get it fixed .

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    У нас в союзе "Райская бухта" уже у нескольких игроков исчез зоопарк. Техподдержка не отвечает. Что делать?

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    All My Zoo Buildings Have Disappeared

    Enclosures, snack bar,, café, expansions, everything. I can still see the zoo book, and it lists all the animals I have collected/bred. However, all other progress has been lost. I have tried logging in and out, clearing my cache, restarting computer, etc... to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Hi Susie, this is a common recurring issue for Windows players unfortunately. Here's the rather large thread of other player's reporting this same issue here. I have made the link to go to the most recent comment, but it's worth having a read through previous posts also.

    There is nothing we can do to help fix it for you, you will need to report it to CS from your game. If you are unsure how to do this there are instructions on the process here.

    Good luck hope you get it resolved soon .

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    zoo has disapeared 3 times all my animals and shop gone .Now the reclamer has stopped coming to earn money

    Also taken 17000 off me at least maybe more money

    many times topped from phone but no more as things keep dissapearing latest the zoo

    Why has my zoo totally gone off. lost money topping up .no advert coming on so i can win money whats going on ?

    Zoo diapeared also 177000 money gone no adverts on screen to watch surely beed hacked?
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    You mean to tell me that this issue with things disappearing in the zoo has been going on for basically a yr & it's still not fixed?? From what I've read, it appears that you get almost no help with this game, if any. I tried to email playrix & got this reply from it..........

    Hi there! We would like to inform you that this email support address is no longer monitored. We apologize for the inconvenience. For Township, Fishdom, Gardenscapes or Homescapes related issues, please submit a new request directly from the game:
    1. Go to the Help and support section in the settings of the game.
    2. Proceed to any article in any section.
    3. Tap the No button in the lower-right corner and then tap Contact Us.
    4. Choose a category that matches your problem, describe the situation and tap Send.

    If you can't open the game, you can submit your request on our web support portal:
    - Township issues
    - Fishdom issues
    - Gardenscapes issues
    - Homescapes issues

    If you are facing problems with some other game, feel free to submit a request here.

    I got to #3 & I be danged if I can find that so called button in right bottom corner. So I came here hoping to find a solution. I guess that won't happen. I guess I just won't play the zoo cause I already paid for all the stuff I had once, why should I have to do it again. Love the game, hate that you can't get any help & apparently nothing gets fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockin' Chair Ranch View Post
    I got to #3 & I be danged if I can find that so called button in right bottom corner. ...
    You could try whether the description here

    helps you to reach Playrix. You'll still have to be persistent (and reply to everything you get). Good luck!

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    Hi everyone, I play Township on PC Windows 10 and everything was fine until I lost my Zoo. I wrote and after a while got an answer that my zoo has been put back and my missing decorations too and to write if that's not the case. So I opened my zoo and it was not back. In the storage space I got back just 4 zoo decorations, but my token bought complete Egypt set and other normal decorations were still gone. I forgot to say that I only didn't lose animals. I wrote back to the support, but until this day I got no answer back. So now I am building my zoo back, but I noticed that when in my town, the Zoo board always has a heart, as if my buildings have finished the serving, even when they are actually all empty. So I thought, can it be that there are 2 of my Zoo-s overlapping. It is really tough to buy everything anew, so I would really be thankful if you could answer to me what to do. My town's name is the same as my name here.
    Thank you!

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    Zoo disappeared

    Almost 3 days ago everything I bought in the zoo, has disappeared. I get the message that the zoo has sold out, but there isn't anything there.
    I have to buy all the animal houses again, but my book shows that I have families that are complete. What is happening and who can help me?Naamloos.jpg

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    Only in-game Support can help you, Niqueske. You'll need to contact them (via the Settings cog).

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