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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    So I decided to do a little experiment. I wrote "3rd time!" in walkway pieces after the last reset, but rebuilt no buildings.

    Today, those words were gone. My zoo was reset again.

    Now I wrote out "4th time" in walkway pieces. Let's see how long it lasts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Met Mack View Post
    All my buildings have disappeared along with all of my animals and cleared lots of land. I have emailed the devs twice and no reply.
    My two copper if you are a Windows user, is it might be better to wait to try to resolve this until they roll out the fix to this problem. We do not yet have a date as to when, but it is known they are working on the Windows platform fix. The reason I suggest this is because the last time mine was restored, it was gone again soon after.
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    Township: Hope ~ Friend Code: UEP84U ~ Co-op: The Four Winds #HE8QGM ~ Platform: Windows
    Zoo: Have a seat, and listen to my tales of woe.

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    Zoo Buildings, Enclosseures and Everything Has Disappeared Again

    Yes This is about the 10th time everything in my zoo has Disappeared. I am really getting Peed off with it My Zoo Level is 22 or 23 my Platform is Windows 10 PC. The Amount of Time, Coins I have spent on this Stuff up you would Not believe. Customer Support Do not give a (**** Mod edit), Do Not Answer emails. They could if they wanted look an Any Co-Op if there is a Problem and Reset It.. I am Not happy with the Sipport so I am now looking at Legal action because I bought Tcash, Coind and more amd I am now well out of Pocket.
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    Before I forget, last night (23rd) when checking my walkway spelled out count was wiped out again. So continuing the trend, I now have walk way letters that spell out "5th time".

    So very glad I am waiting to ask for the restoration until they fix this bug. Otherwise I'd be incredibly mad at how often (and how close in time) it keeps vanishing.
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    Zoo: Have a seat, and listen to my tales of woe.

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    Add me to the list of players with missing zoos. Customer support helped me restore everything and now, 3 days later, it is all gone again. I also have the persistent collection bubble on the zoo platform. I have sent them another email and I am waiting for a response.
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    Today someone in my co-op ("Ahoy Farmers") level about 41, Windows 10 platform, lost her zoo with buildings and animals; so it is still happening. Several others in the co-op, including me ("Golden Valley") have put off starting our zoos.... hope developers fix this soon.

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    My zoo is gone AGAIN!!!
    Customer support was very helpful in replacing my zoo enclosures, decos and cleared land. They did not, however replace the baskets in the shops. They instead gave me a token amount of materials to replace a few of the baskets.
    This lasted for 2 days. Now everything is gone again.
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    La desaparición de recintos, edificios y terreno despejado; me ha ocurrido ya 3 veces y aunque tienes los animales, para recuperar edificios, tienes que esperar días o pagar, pero los terrenos despejados no los recuperas, ya que los animales para despejar están contabilizados, me gusta el juego pèro si no lo solucionan, pues son ya 3 veces, lo borrare y dejaré de jugar.

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    Well, I have lost my Zoo for the 8th time. I give up. Playrix has had this problem with Windows user for a long time now and still can't fix it. Maybe whatever team programs this game for the Windows platform should be "FIRED" and hire a team that knows what they are doing. We Windows user gets the shaft more than the other platforms do. We don't get all the special events and Holiday Decor like the other platforms also. I do play it on my android phone, but I play more on the Windows platform.

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    My zoo has reset 12 times in the last 20 days. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the zoo revamp for Township Mobile. It would be nice if they gave us the new zoo that the mobile game is getting.

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