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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    Nothing will reliably happen by posting in this thread or forum. Playrix reacts reliably to ingame reports only, as their Admins post here again and again.

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    Hello everyone.
    The best way to get your zoo back is via an email in the game. I got everything back in a few days. They can not put everything back, but a lot and quite quickly.

    I want to thank everyone who helped me.

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    My zoo has disappeared for the 7th time...I'm using a Windows 10, Laptop..I have contacted customer support about this with no luck at all..I have 144 animals and no enclosures becasue they keep disappearing..
    Also, I am unable to connect to facebook..My facebook settings are ok..What can I do to fix this? If anyone would help, I would appreciate it. Thank you

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    Lost everything in my zoo tried to get help. Was sent to chrome web store. Does anyone know what I can do now? I can't even let them know I am having a problem. Thanks TobieKat.

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    Wanted to share some things I learned from a customer service rep when I was trying to get my zoo fixed.

    1) If you are like me and your Windows computer cannot sync with the mail program, there is hope for us! Although the first CS rep I was dealing with didn't work out, when I requested they transfer me to another rep, that one asked me to have another member of my coop send in a ticket and reference a # so the CS team would know it was in connection with me. I asked my coop friend to also put my township name in just in case that would help speed things up, then wrote back to CS saying she was doing so and that she would mention my Township name as well as the reference #. They soon after used the coop info to get what they needed to find my township and fix my zoo.

    2) A third CS rep told me I should update the game to prevent the zoo vanishing issue. When I looked in game for that option and eventually managed to figure out my Windows app settings should auto update, I checked on the forum but couldn't find anything here about a new update specifically for Windows. So I wrote back and asked if they meant there was such a fix for windows, or that was for other platforms.

    Yet another CS rep wrote back to me saying that the previous rep misstated because:
    There is new hotfix version that currently available. It has been issued to resolve the issue with connecting to facebook. As for the completely new updated version, I can't definitely say when it will be presented. According to the info that I have our dev team is working on it. So, I hope pretty soon it will be available.
    So at least we know it's in the works, just don't know when this fix/full update will be available.

    ~~Thanks to Downton for reminding me to post this info in this thread, as originally I only did in my CS problem thread in the Troubles & Solutions subforum. I hope #1 helps some folks that also can't sync, and that #2 will at least give us hope that a fix is at least being worked on at this time.
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    Gammer thanks for taking the time to post all the info again in this thread. Thousands of players read this forum, and I am sure this will be very useful (or at least reassuring) to those who come looking here when they encounter this problem.

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    Aaannnd my zoo's gone again.

    Honestly not sure at this point if I should wait to put in a ticket until the Windows update/fix is done or go through the hoops again just to get it back for however long this time will last before the fix.

    Honestly, this is quite frustrating, and mine's only disappeared three times now, compared to some folks. Still, three times in one month is just...ouch.
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    Wow Gammer already? That sucks they really need to get this fix for the zoo out asap.

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    Sadly, yes. I still check every time I play the game just in case it was some weird connection hiccup, but so far, still gone.

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    All my buildings have disappeared along with all of my animals and cleared lots of land. I have emailed the devs twice and no reply.

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