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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    Obrigada pela resposta.
    Meu Zool�gico retornou hj e o zoo de outros colegas que jogam tamb�m voltaram, mas ainda persiste o problema da "DUPLICIDADE" dos animais, fam�lias 2X assim ocupando mais espa�o do que deveria, assim n�o posso evoluir.:louco::louco::louco::louco::louco:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Káthia Miranda View Post
    Thanks for the answer.
    My Zoo returned hj and the zoo from other playmates also came back, but there is still the problem of animals' DUPLICITY, 2X families thus taking up more space than it should, so I can not evolve.
    Glad to hear you got your zoo back, but for any further issues with it, you will still have to submit another report from within your game. Explain in as many details what the issue is, attach screenshots if possible, and they will be able to remove the duplicates for you. Good luck!

    Fico feliz em saber que você conseguiu seu zoológico de volta, mas para qualquer outro problema com ele, você ainda terá que enviar outro relatório de dentro do seu jogo. Explique em tantos detalhes qual é o problema, anexe as capturas de tela, se possível, e elas poderão remover as duplicatas para você. Boa sorte!

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    problem in zoo


    i am on 5 level of zoo but it is not showing any enclousre ,cafe and 3D theater which i already opened. i have purchased 5 enclousres and completed four family and fifth is on the ly do for the needful.way 1 baby completed but nothing is showed .it again showed in market to purchase.kindly do for the needful.

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    If u are playing on windows platform then see this post by Dreadnought regarding ur problem

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    Como fazer parar de sumir o meu zoológico Township ele fica invisível pra mim há alguma solução?

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    Question Zoo not opening "my zoo"

    I can get to the zoo by clicking the bus station, but it is like it has re-set. I have no stands or enclosures any more.
    It still shows that I am at level 8, but all my decorations, animals and enclosures have disappeared. In the town view it shows I have product baskets finished needing to be collected, but again it wont open. The sign also no longer shows any products to be sold (since I have no stores showing up)
    I have restarted the computer I play on, and have checked to make sure I have the latest update. I don't want yo have to buy the enclosure, stands, and animals all over again, but I don't know if they can be recovered either.

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    I'm going to assume you're playing on a Windows device, is that correct?

    As you can see here, unfortunately this is a common problem with no known/guaranteed solution at this time.
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    yes on a windows device

    so this means I have to start over with enclosure and animals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juliana Mariano View Post
    me ajudem meu zoológico sumiu
    help me, my zoo is gone
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurelia de Souza View Post
    Como fazer parar de sumir o meu zoológico Township ele fica invisível pra mim há alguma solução?
    How do I stop freaking out of my Township zoo? Is it invisible to me? Is there a solution?
    Could you tell us what platform are you playing on? Windows?
    At the moment, the only solution is to submit a report from within your game, giving them as many details about your zoo as possible, and ask them to restore it. This is a wider-spread issue, and it's being looked into.

    Você poderia nos dizer em que plataforma você está jogando? Janelas?
    No momento, a única solução é enviar um relatório de dentro do seu jogo, dando a ele tantos detalhes sobre o seu zoológico quanto possível, e pedir a ele para restaurá-lo. Esta é uma questão mais ampla e está sendo analisada.
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    I have lost my zoo too including approx. 7 expansions, I even bought all enclosures and shops to lose them 12 hours later. It is very frustrating.
    I have tried to report the issue through the game but the link does not work.. just loads up a blank homepage. I then reported the issue through the webpage but keep getting emails telling me to report through the game.. I have emailed back explaining it doesn't work but it's like talking to a brick wall. Customer service is terrible.
    I used to love this game.

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