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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    is there any way to fix this?

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    Mine's gone missing ~8 times in the last year. Each time I've submitted a trouble report through the game to Playrix. There have been times when the Report an Issue button didn't want to work, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the button would work again. Each time tech support has restored my zoo. Some times it's taken quite a few email back and forth to get it right - the last time I had to email them 4 times before they sent (almost) enough expansion coupons to get the zoo back where it'd been.

    I take screen shots of my zoo every time I make a change to it. If I add a decoration, expand, add an enclosure, whatever, I take a new screen shot & save the picture. That has helped many times when dealing with tech support - a picture's worth a thousand words. My zoo's gotten to the point where I have to take 3 screen shots to get it all documented. I also keep a list of how far each building is upgraded, gives tech support an idea of what it'll take to upgrade the restored buildings.

    It would be very nice if Playrix were to make the expansion coupons work immediately instead of taking the usual amount of time for an expansion. As it is now, if/when you use an expansion coupon it takes up to a couple days for the expansion to complete. I've already waited 2 days for the expansion (more than once) - if I'm trying to restore my "lost" zoo I shouldn't have to wait another 2 days for the expansion. It should happen now.

    Another thing on the expansion coupons - after using a few you'll get a message that you need more animals to do more expanding. No, you don't. Tech support can & will make an "adjustment" on their end that will allow you to use the rest of the coupons. That should be fixed also. I shouldn't have to use a few coupons, get an "error" message, email tech support & wait for them to "fix" the problem - coupons should be setup to work without tech support getting involved again.

    Last time my zoo disappeared I still had everything in storage (from the time before) except for the buildings - all decorations, enclosures etc. I was waiting for the expansions to finish when the zoo disappeared again. This time, all I lost were the buildings. I didn't loose anything that was still in storage. I'm leaving everything but the buildings in storage for now, hoping for an upgrade to the game that will fix the disappearing zoo problem.

    One other thing about getting the zoo restored. Tech support will give you a lot of building materials to upgrade the buildings to where they were. That's great. Except that your barn is now over-full, by a lot. Really hurts if you're participating in a Regatta. A temporary increase to the barn storage capacity would be appreciated.

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    J'ai le même problème avec le zoo cela fait 4 fois que je le refaits. Découragé, j'ai abandonné ! C'est dommage mais franchement j'en ai plus que marre. Et là, cerise sur le gâteau, j'avais environ 54 billets verts qui ont disparu d'un coup d'un seul ! Je pense que je vais abandonner ce jeu et malheureusement quitter la super co-op dont je fais parti. Pourtant ce jeu me plait bien mais trop de bug. Je ne peux pas signaler mes problèmes sur la rubrique du même nom mais impossible d'y accéder. Y a t il quelqu'un qui puisse m'aider à résoudre ces problèmes ? Sinon ça ne sert à rien que je continue. Merci d'avance

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    Lightbulb Construções desaparecidas / resetadas

    Olá. Desculpe falar no meu idioma.
    Se puderem, traduzam. Se não puderem, abaixo coloquei a questão traduzida pelo Google (mas pode ter falhas).

    Estou com um problema, há 2 dias, que já prejudicou a minha Regata.

    Todos os prédios do meu zoológico desapareceram (lojas e habitats), onde eu havia colocado água e neve desapareceram, as decorações estão no armazém. Tentei contato por esse formulário , mas não obtive sucesso até então, porque eles respondem, mas não entendem o que eu digo.

    Jogo no computador, conforme podem ver nas imagens abaixo:

    Imagem 1: a tarefa 13/65 concluída + recompensa da loja no zoológico.

    Imagem 2: o TEMPO da tarefa se esgotando.

    Imagem 3: zoológico vazio, sem as lojas que preciso para fazer a tarefa.

    Imagem 4: prédios pra comprar todos novamente, quando eu já tinha 4 lojas e 12 habitats construídos e COMPLETOS. Não se pode agir assim com um jogador...

    Imagem 5: não aparece, para mim, a mensagem de "Isso ajudou?" SIM ou NÃO para entrar em contato com o suporte.

    Imagem 6: e esse botão de "Reportar Problema"não funciona pra mim, também.

    Alguém pode, por favor, me ajudar?
    [ ps. tentei inserir imagem sem link, mas mesmo com a aba de download ali, não abriu espaço para que eu pudesse carregar do meu email ]

    Alguém pode me ajudar com isso?

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::
    Hello. Sorry to speak in my language.
    If you can, translate. If they can't, below I put the question translated by Google (but it may have flaws).

    I have a problem, 2 days ago, that already hurt my Regatta.

    All the buildings in my zoo have disappeared (shops and habitats), where I had placed water and snow they disappeared, the decorations are in the warehouse. I tried to contact this form, but I have not been successful so far, because they respond, but they do not understand what I say.

    Computer game, as you can see in the images below:

    Image 1: task 13/65 completed + store reward at the zoo.

    Image 2: the TIME of the task running out.

    Image 3: empty zoo, without the stores I need to do the task.

    Image 4: buildings to buy all again, when I already had 4 stores and 12 habitats built and COMPLETE. You can't do that to a player ...

    Image 5: [B] [U ]’s message doesn’t appear to me "Did it help?" YES or NO [/ U] [/ B] to contact support.

    Image 6: and this [B] [U] "Report a Problem" button [/ U] [/ B] doesn't work for me, either.

    Can someone help me?
    [ps. I tried to insert an image without a link, but even with the download tab there, there was no space for me to download it from my email]

    Can anyone, please, help me with this?

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    Zoo problems and Unable to Report the Issue

    All of my zoo enclosures with all the animals along with my 3 zoo food buildings have disappeared - AGAIN!!

    And, once again, the "Report an Issue" within the game is not working.

    So, I can't complete the "Hot Items" task, I can't sell any items in the zoo in order to level up; and, I can't even report the problems!!!

    This is a recurring problem. It is so frustrating!! How can I help my co-op in our Regattas and Interseasonal Races when my town is not fully functioning?!?!


    My town's name is Sher Bear's Town, Georgia.

    I play on Windows 10 platform.

    My co-op is Friendship Town.

    Please help me. Also, please fix the problem so it stops happening.

    Thank you.

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    Well, it just happened to me with my zoo that I just got a few days ago. After all of that waiting for it to are build. I was excited! And now I wish I knew all of this information before I went ahead and built my zoo. It has reset. I was on level 4. All of my enclosures and the snack bar, some decorations are gone?? I was in the middle of hot items and there is a notification that they are ready .. once I click them I am taken to my empty zoo. Very upsetting because I was really loving this game. I have contacted support. The most alarming thing to me is this has been happening since 2017 and they are still allowing people to waste their money on building the zoo.

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    Tech support did tell me a couple months ago that they're planning/hoping to fix this problem in the next update.

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    Hopefully they'll restore your zoo to you. The worst problem I've had in the 6/7/8 (I've lost count) times my zoo's gone missing was with the last one. I had to submit pictures (screenshots) and a few requests before they gave me enough expansion coupons to bring the zoo back to where it almost was - they still shorted me ~8 expansions.

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    The problem in addition to all zoo animals, zoo enclosures and zoo food buildings is that the "Report an Issue" button isn't working and hasn't worked for weeks. Therefore, I'm unable to do any "Hot Item" tasks! So frustrating. Those of us who play on Windows 10 feel that we are simply being ignored. Perhaps the game developers and customer support are hoping we just go away!

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