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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    Angry Missing zoo too!

    I have lost track on how many times my zoo has disappear. I have been dealing with this since October 2019. They tell you to contact them, which I've done numerous times in various ways and I always get their automated message. What else is there to do to get the problem fixed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony10020 View Post
    Why does this keep happening? Once again I've open a ticket the only way I can through the gear icon, but you always tell me I must do it through the game. Come on tech support FIX the dang problem with the zoo. I'm on my 5th email trying to enplane ONCE AGAIN. your zoo sucks. Everything is missing. I list all of the items but you keep telling me to open a ticket through the game. AGGggggggg

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    I have heard that some people have lost their zoo buildings and animal enclosures at least 4 times. I have recently lost all my zoo stuff. Its frustrating because of the loss of the gems and materials that were used to build them. They refer you to the report a issue button that does not work in the windows version of the game. For now I will forgo the Zoo until I hear that it has been fixed

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    Hi If you do decide to rebuild your Zoo do so very slowly. It can vanish again. I put the café and one animal enclosure back and will wait for a while and see what happens. This is a known glitch and they are in no hurry to fix it for some reason. Some people have lost the zoo 4 or more times. I was going to forgo building it again but will do what I stated at the beginning of my reply for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goose View Post
    Hi If you do decide to rebuild your Zoo do so very slowly... .
    Hi goose,
    just a hint re. the forum: It looks as if you replied to the OP. If not - or probably in any case in a thread with 38 pages - it is recommendable to "reply with quote" to the post you're replying to, or at least quote part of it (as I did),
    or at least use the name of the other poster.
    The nice thing with a quote is also, that the reader can go back to the original post by clicking on the 2 white+blue arrows next to the name in the quote.

    Re. your remark about reporting ingame, have you looked at this thread:

    It might be a thing of the order, in which one uses the buttons, or look at the end of the post about the email client.
    (I'm playing on Android, so haven't tested it, but it seems to have worked for other Windows users.)

    Good luck in any case, and that the/some fun remains

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