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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    i am also struggling with the same issue as everything keeps disappearing

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    Everything in my zoo dissapears constantly. Every week all my buildings, expansions en level-ups are gone. I have to buy them again. Anyone has the same problem? Contacting Township doesn't help. If they react (Big if), a week later I have the same problem.

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    Zoo shop disappears

    hello to all and all

    I have a big worry about the zoo and I think it's not today I'm going to wait until he settles the concern of course

    I can not get the support service and no response except once I have a bug on the mail service of the contact email

    and I have nothing left, I'm just getting fed up

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    Hi there it has happened to me 3 times

    me also getting sick of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by iosman1234 View Post
    Hi has anyone else's animals from their zoo disappeared? Mine have all gone and I don't want to have to get them all over again..


    Your are not alone in this nor is this a new issue. The only advice that can be offered is to submit a ticket.

    Read thru these posts first:

    These are a couple of other posts on the same subject:

    Fingers crossed for ya!
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    decoraties,ijswinkel,4dbioscoop,snackbar cafe en gronduitbreidingen verdwijnen telkens 1x daar martrialen voor gekregen en op de daarna volgende klachten nix mneer vernomen en er word ook niets opgelost om het euvel te verhelpen !!!!!! erg jammer hoor voor zo n leuk spel

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    my zoo has vanished also 4 times today it told me that my cafe was ready (i built a new one again) and when i clicked on my zoo the hole thing was gon again except 3 enclosures that were moved to the far right corner so mad
    any advise ive reported with no answers

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    у меня проблема, в Зоопарке девятый раз пропадают все кафе!!! Что делать не знаю!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ольга Протаскина View Post
    у меня проблема, в Зоопарке девятый раз пропадают все кафе!!! Что делать не знаю!!!!
    Google translate:
    I have a problem, in the Zoo all cafes disappear for the ninth time !!! I do not know what to do
    ---------------- ------------------ ----------------- ----------------
    Google translate:
    Это распространенная постоянная проблема в Windows, и многие игроки сообщают об этой проблеме. Playrix знает об этом, но до сих пор не смог это исправить

    Единственное, что вы можете сделать, это сообщить об этом в CS из вашей игры. Даже если они восстановят его для вас, есть все шансы, что у вас снова возникнет проблема, если это уже произошло 9 раз. Я думаю, что в данный момент вы должны решить, хотите ли вы продолжить посещение зоопарка или подождать, и надеемся, что Playrix сможет решить эту проблему навсегда.

    Смотрите эти инструкции, если вам нужна дополнительная помощь о том, как связаться с CS из вашей игры:

    -Как-To-Контакта-Городок-Поддержка- (Windows)

    This is a common on going problem on Windows with many players reporting this issue. Playrix are aware of it but so far have been unable to fix it

    The only thing you can do is report it to CS from inside your game. Even if they restore it for you there is every chance you will have the problem again if it has happened 9 times already. I think at this moment in time you have to decide whether you want to continue with the zoo or wait and hope Playrix can fix this issue permanently.

    See these instructions if you need further help on how to contact CS from your game:

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    I just had my Zoo restored by Playrix for the second time. Both times they've asked for a list of what I had in the Zoo. First time was easy enough, I was only at level 4 or so. This time, at level 14, I've got a bit more "stuff", not sure if I got it all back or not.

    Now that I have it back I've taken a couple of screen shots of the Zoo showing all of the cleared area & all the buildings/deco's/etc. The plan is to update the screen shots every time something is added to the Zoo. Next time the Zoo disappears I'll attach the screen shots to the CS request.

    ETA: "Pictures, or it didn't happen"

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