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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by goose View Post
    Hi If you do decide to rebuild your Zoo do so very slowly... .
    Hi goose,
    just a hint re. the forum: It looks as if you replied to the OP. If not - or probably in any case in a thread with 38 pages - it is recommendable to "reply with quote" to the post you're replying to, or at least quote part of it (as I did),
    or at least use the name of the other poster.
    The nice thing with a quote is also, that the reader can go back to the original post by clicking on the 2 white+blue arrows next to the name in the quote.

    Re. your remark about reporting ingame, have you looked at this thread:

    It might be a thing of the order, in which one uses the buttons, or look at the end of the post about the email client.
    (I'm playing on Android, so haven't tested it, but it seems to have worked for other Windows users.)

    Good luck in any case, and that the/some fun remains

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Look in this thread

    for Anna's hint of solving the situation with the blank browser window (scroll down there).

    And are you playing on Windows (as suggested by your first post, to which Ethan replied)? if not, you must look in the thread for the other OS.

    and if Windows... <waving to Bess > ... maybe this thread can be moved, pls? I almost got a shock, thinking it happens for Android etc also now.
    My "report a issue" button does not function. It will not open. I am told this button is the only way to report my missing zoo. Any ideas?

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    There is a form here that can be used when the in game contact function does not work:

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    Quote Originally Posted by goose View Post
    My "report a issue" button does not function. It will not open. I am told this button is the only way to report my missing zoo. Any ideas?
    Playrix will certainly require an ingame report, even if you use the form that Mayfield gave you the link for.
    But the first question (and idea) is rather: do you have your email client set up properly, as is described in the thread to which I gave the link (in the post you quoted)?
    That seems to be the problem most often, if it doesn't seem to work.

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    Mein Zoo ist weg !

    Nach start meines Spiels musste ich feststellen das mein Zoo wie ich ihn gebaut hatte weg ist.
    Der Zoo ist in Grundform wieder da.
    Mein Level ist 64 und der Zoo war auf Level 13.
    Habe Kontakt zum Support aufgenommen, die haben mir alle erspielten Dinge wieder in den Warenkorb gegeben, doch so einfach ist das auch nicht.
    Ich hatte 45 Grundstücke erspielt, ich kann sie auch mit Sonderkarten kostenlos bekommen muss aber Bauzeit abwarten.
    Ich konnte 3 von 45 erst bauen und musste 15 Stunden warten bis die 3 stück fertig waren, obwohl ich diese Zeit ja schon mal hinter mir hatte. Wie lange soll das dauern bis die restlichen fertig sind !
    Jetzt kann ich keine weiteren Grundstücke im Zoo bauen da ich nun eine Meldung bekomme, ich solle weitere Tiere kaufen ???
    Dabei hatte ich bis dahin ja alles erspielt und müsste für die Grundstücke nichts mehr kaufen, es sein denn ich wollte an der alten Stelle weiter spielen.
    Die Scheune ist überfüllt Kapazität ist 720, habe aber durch den Support über 900 Teile noch drin, nach dem Support waren es sogar über 1000 Dinge.
    Das Spiel selber kann ich im Moment nicht weiterspielen, durch die volle Scheune.
    Vom Support erhält man auf seine Fragen nur eine vorgefertigte Standard Mail. Beantwortung der direkten Fragen Fehlanzeige.
    Der Button für Problem melden funktioniert stellenweise nicht.
    Und davon mal ganz abgesehen bin ich nicht kein Kostenloser Spieler sondern habe in dieses Games schon genug Geld investiert.
    Wäre schön wenn jemand eine Idee hätte.

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    Hello all

    Just keep pestering Playrix, they do have real people respond, after the automated e-mail, it may take them a few days but my zoo issues were fixed, and they were good enough to give me extra building supplies as an apology.

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    Zoo missing every day

    My zoo missing every day, could you tell me who can fix the bug?

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    Press the "Report an Issue" button

    Quote Originally Posted by Clackamas View Post
    I have lost track on how many times my zoo has disappear. I have been dealing with this since October 2019. They tell you to contact them, which I've done numerous times in various ways and I always get their automated message. What else is there to do to get the problem fixed?
    I had the same problem. I figured out that you have to press "report an issue" button and it will take you to a form to fill out. If the form doesn't show up right away, just keep pressing until it does. Sometimes I have had to exit out and re-load to get it to work. Hope that helps.

    report an issue.jpg

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    Hi there,
    My Zoo just disappeared again for the THIRD TIME! I have registered the issue as you have advised each time and never had it restored or compensated with game cash for me to rebuild it.
    I am extremely upset at this - 3 times of investing time and money only to have it all deleted AGAIN.
    Question to community; Has anyone ever lost their Zoo and had it restored or compensated to rebuild it?

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    zoologico tengo problemas

    muy buenas tardes mi zoológico es nivel 13 y hace un tiempo se borro todo lo que tenia,y volvi a empezar en esta ocasión volvió a suceder lo mismo hay alguna persona que me pueda ayudar y que me regresen todo lo que invertido de dinero y tiempo necesito una solución

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