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Thread: Common Issue: Zoo "Reset" or Buildings Missing

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    I think you should tap on the "? Help and Support" on the green button (your right-hand picture shows 6 green buttons, the middle left one)
    tap on any selection, I tapped the first one
    Tap "Contact Us" or the "messaging" symbol in the top right corner.
    tap one relevant category to your problem, for example, "other technical problem" or "suggestions" at the bottom
    you will be directed to a email or messaging window

    That was what I found following the steps directed by Playrix's reply posted by you.

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    Зоопарк исчез

    Второй раз за неделю исчезает зоопарк. Первый раз через поддержку, частично восстановили. Теперь снова таже проблема. Снова написала в поддержку, жду результата. Многие пишут, что построили большие зоопарки. Как вам это удалось? Не исчезает ли у вас зоопарк?
    И почему зоопарк после исчезновения, восстанавливают не полностью? Это же не вина игрока.

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    Lost all my zoo

    I have had to buy all my zoo buildings 4 times if i lose them all again i will stop playing i have spent a lot of money on this game name of my township is stephens creek somebody please fix it i played 176 days strait

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    Shame, Plarix don't have solution for Zoo enclosures and buildings, poof, gone. I lost my zoo for 3 times , Support team said they will add missing enclosures and buildings manually, but till now they didn't. You're on your own. I'm waiting for updates for this game , but if that doesn't help , I will quit this game.

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    This has happened to me too. So I am just not building any enclosures or shops until Playrix get this resolved.

    PS I have sent them several emails about this issue, no response yet.

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    Buildings & Animals Are Gone

    what can I do in the zoo everything is at the beginning the buildings and animals are gone even though I am at level 6. The level 6 is also displayed does anyone have an idea
    Sorry my English is not the best

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    Zoo Buildings and Animals have been stolen

    Zoo Buildings and Animals have been stolen

    Were have all my items that I have built and paid for gone?


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    Quote Originally Posted by GAZZARUK View Post
    Zoo Buildings and Animals have been stolen

    Were have all my items that I have built and paid for gone?

    This happens to some people unfortunately. Contact support from within the settings cog button in your game using loss of progress as reason. Explain zoo buildings lost, add a screenshot or whatever, then cross your fingers that they get back to you pretty quick.

    My advice is don’t count on a solution, and if after a couple weeks they have not solved your problem, just start building back the parts of the zoo you want. Do shops first since they are most useful.

    Hope you weren’t too far along and good luck
    Home of the twice built (but ugly elephant free) zoo

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    Question Zoo Is Missing

    hello. My zoo is missing. It's been over a week since the zoo disappeared. I already tried to uninstall the game but it did not work at all. Help me pls
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    it happened to me too

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