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Thread: Frequently Suggested Ideas (For Playrix Staff's Convenience)

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    Frequently Suggested Ideas (For Playrix Staff's Convenience)

    Note: Borrowed an old obsolete post of Liza's so that this would display under the other two stickies.

    This thread lists the most commonly-made (as well as a few creative) suggestions that aren't definite no-nos.

    It was designed to make it easier on Playrix Staff (who often browse the forums) to know what's popular/what to refer back to developers without having to sift through dozens of posts.

    Players are still free to post about the ideas below. But we'd appreciate if you could expand upon them (instead of rehashing the same point) and generate new discussion.

    -- FREQUENT --

    Town Display, Design, & Landscaping:
    • Tap Buildings/Decorations In Other Players' Towns & Have Their Names Pop Up (like we can with our own towns)
    • Zoom Out Feature To View Entire Town or Change Default Zoom (game opens zoomed out as much as possible)
    • Expand Town Hall Profile (see: thread)
    • Display Number Of Days Since Last Online (to know when someone is inactive)
    • 'Remove All' Design Tool That Places Everything in Temporary Storage
    • More Town Roads, Floors, and Grounds
    • Transparent Floor Option So That Townies Can Walk on Beaches & Other Areas
    • Town Roads With Fences On The Edges (so you don't have to place road + fence in two spaces)
    • Town Walking Paths (zoo walkways brought into towns -- ft. townies and no cars)
    • More Land Expansions (especially on left side)
    • A Decoration Area
    • Option To Hide/Show "$" Signs On Expansions (as well as bubbles like completed factory products, the laboratory's purple erlenmeyer flask, etc.)
    • Be Able To Leave Some Expansions "Natural" (trees, bushes, ponds, etc. not cleared)
    • Public Town Wall/Messageboard (place where visitors can leave a comment visible to everyone)

    • Reorganize Barn Tabs (have one to display '0' stock, break down products tab [edibles vs. non-edibles], etc.)
    • Major Overhaul of Town Market (see: thread)
    • Have Town Market Display # of Items In Barn (see: image)
    • Scroll or "Back To Beginning" Button For Town Market
    • Have Dealer Quantity Offers Be Consistent (e.g. 13 copper ore w/o having to search multiple times)
    • Exchange Tools W/Ernie (like the Gem Helicopter Trade w/Aurelio)
    • Have "!" Indicator Turn Green If You Have The Requested Products (avoid having to go into towns to check)
    • Add confirmation window for using "Free Load" Coupons (see thread)

    Community Buildings & Houses:
    • New Community Buildings (especially if interactive or upgrade-able; see: thread)
    • Redesign of Music Venue, Fashion House, Music Store, & Toy Store (less garish colors & blocky figures on top)
    • Re-animate Rocket Ride (as it was before or differently)
    • Re-color Most High Rise Housing & House With Towers Or Give Us That Option W/Real Estate Office & Character
    • Functioning Bank (storing coins and collecting interest) and/or Tax Collection From Townies (monthly, etc.)
    • Ability to somehow swap out bigger houses (high rise/etc) for additional smaller houses.

    • Permanent Store Which Has Past Event Decorations For Sale (perhaps on a bi-weekly rotating basis)
    • Tab Within Decorations To "Gift" Deco To Others (like vday event; see: thread)
    • More Benches & Other Seating Decorations (patio table, restaurant table, etc.)
    • More Fence & Bridge Options
    • Pond Similar To Wild Park (changes landscape/size when rotated)
    • Multiple Town Signs (see: thread)
    • Multiple Customizable Signs (with either text or images to designate farm areas, neighborhoods, etc.)
    • Redesign Giant Aquarium
    • Slow Down Speed of Underwater World Carousel (event offer deco during the Coral Reef Fishing Event)
    • Remove Fences From Flowers
    • Animate Modern Fountain, Classical Fountain, Whale Fountain, & Wind Turbine
    • More Female Hall of Fame Statues

    • Be Able To Change Co-op Name (can be limited to only one time)
    • Expand Co-op Description Character Limit Or Place It In Its Own Tab For More Space
    • Separate Tab For Co-op Rules (that are public for players considering joining)
    • Be Able To Delete Messages From Co-op Inbox
    • Order Co-op Memberlist By Position Rather Than Level (or allow toggling between the two)
    • Give Priority To Co-op Requests In Chat (always at the top) or Place Requests and Chat In Separate Tabs
    • Be Able to See Task Progress During Seasonal Regattas (as it is for interseasonals, e.g. "2/4 planes sent")
    • Additional Regatta Trophy Decorations (winning 10 gold medals in golden league, winning 20 gold medals...etc.)
    • Average # of Regatta Tasks Completed or Total # of Regatta Tasks Completed in Town Hall Statistics
    • Restore Option To Select & Refresh Regatta Rewards

    • Zoo-Centric Event
    • Aquarium/Marine Center for the Zoo
    • Remove the Pre-set Walkway Next to the Elephant Fountain in the Zoo (see: image)
    • Add delete option to zoo orders

    • Future Event/Seasonal Themes (see: thread 1, thread 2, thread 3)
    • Add Townies With Disabilities To Be More Inclusive (wheelchairs, dark glasses + cane, etc. - see: thread)
    • Have A “Don’t Show This Ad Again” Option For Advertisements (see: thread)

    -- CREATIVE --


    Since this thread was created in April 2017, we have had more than ten suggestions that were featured here implemented!

    They include (but are not limited to):

    • Relay tasks now show who has completed/is yet to complete
    • Easier Way To Search For Individual Co-ops (Co-op Tags)
    • Re-organize How Event Competitions Are Run
    • More Water Landscaping Options (canals, streams, etc.)
    • Restore 2 Stone Paths Removed From Zoo
    • Keep Coral Reef (From Its Respective Event) or Allow Us To Create Our Own
    • Button To Find Airports In Other Towns
    • Be Able To Delete Laboratory Boosters When All Slots Are Filled
    • Allow Water Decorations (lily pads, water lillies, floating lanterns, etc.) To Be Flipped In Two Directions Again
    • Parking Lots (or dark grey tile to simulate them)
    • Be Able To Reserve Regatta Tasks with a Co-op Messageboard/Pinboard or Other Mechanism
    • Redesign or Re-position Co-op Building & Yacht Club (see: image)
    • Make the Bunny Village place-able in the Zoo
    • Replace "Woody Allen" Character With Another Director
    • Have Top Banner of the Academy of Industry Display # of Ingots Stored In Barn
    • ...

    If you notice a suggestion missing from above (that should be featured due to its popularity or creativity), send a PM to dread or Nevada with the relevant links/information.
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