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Thread: I have been banned from the game!! and no one answers me!! why!!

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    Angry I have been banned from the game!! and no one answers me!! why!!

    About a month ago the game was banned me

    I continued with the game administrator and sent them a message via email
    Then they told me I should send a message from the game by support

    I sent another message through the game and no one answered me

    The problem was that my mobile was being hacked and I had to do a new software

    When I came back and loaded the game again it seemed to me that I was banned from the game

    So far I can not open the game
    I have level 61 .. I am the leader of the group
    Please tell me what I should do to restore the game !!

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    ok .. i want to start from the first
    But my mobile are Banned

    What should I do !!

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    You can always ask them to unbanned your device but last I heard, once confirmed a cheater, they will not let you start from scratch anymore.

    You have to contact them from your game. Click on the ban message contact us.
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    i do that .. and nobody answer me

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    Maybe if you can prove your phone was hacked, playrix would allow you to start again, can you get any information from your provider?
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    How will I prove that .. I have to work a new software .. But thank you for your reply .. It seems that I forget this game .. Thank you

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    Hi, waddah!

    In case your game was blocked you have a button "Contact support" appearing on your game screen. Just tap this button and write a letter to the Support team. You account will be verified and in case no cheating activity will be found the game will be unblocked.
    The only thing is that if the game is hacked it cannot be unblocked any more, because we need to be sure that all our players are protected from cheating in any way and form. Hacking of the account is a serious issue and we are not able to recover the town in this case.
    If this is the case you can always start a new game on the new device and make sure all you personal data is private and protected from hacking beforehand.
    But, in any case, please try to contact the Support team as a start. It is important to do that directly from the game though, just for them to get all necessary technical data and check your account.
    Hope this will be helpful for you

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    Hi, Nastya Chertenkova

    At first thank you for your reply
    I have been sent twice to the support team but without seeing any answer

    But I will try again to send a message as a final attempt

    thank you so much

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