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Thread: Park benches and walking paths

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    Park benches and walking paths

    Urban parks akin to Central Park or the Kew Gardens, larger botanic gardens, would benefit from additional items and surfaces.
    - Park benches in a couple styles, wood being one choice, stone (no back) a second.
    - Tree stumps.
    - Mushrooms (to grow in grass)
    - More tree varieties, including more common varieties: sugar maple tree, in summer green or beautiful autumn colors. Japanese maple. Birch. Aspen. Cottonwood. Yukka. Flowing dogwood and magnolia. In other words, tab devoted to treeto greatly expBard
    - Real playground options: swings, slide, monkey bars, etc
    - To enable people to walk thru a park, current pedestrian surfaces are blocky and artificial looking - bricks or tiles have sharp edges if one adds bends. Something akin to the dirt road surface, but for pedestrians, with rounded edges to create a wandering path. (The zoo has this, so should be easy to add to the Township too) Dirt or loose gravel are two good options.

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    Love these ideas! I've been hesitant to buy all the areas available because the ability to make the bought areas as nature friendly are scant.

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