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Thread: Buy Building Materials From Dealer

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    Buy Building Materials From Dealer

    I believe if we cannot in any other way control or request or "Purchase order" from trains the materials required to build and expand, then we should atleast be able to buy them for coins, not for tcash, from the dealer. Please. I keep receiving shovels, when i need well, everything else. And I know im not the only one who desires a way to pre-order to pre-determine our building materials. If we could request certain ones by train, that would be fantastic, even if it required a train line upgrade that wasn't ridiculous. That to me, seems the best way, honestly. Offer certain number of choices or certain items to be delivered via train as an option in the upgrade sector. But either way, please make something happen here with building materials and expansion items. It's too chaotic, unreasonable, aand is the only thing keeping me from absolutely loving this game.


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    I also seem to have the problem but it's bricks that is slowing me down...

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    I have found that if my building materials are not in balance I won't get what I need. In other words if I have 15 bricks and 9 slabs and 8 glass I need to sell some bricks to them back to equal and then all three will come. It works even it sounds horrible to sell building materials. They have to stay pretty level to keep getting them all

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    I agree. While selling things down to get the materials in balance does work, I don't think it should be a secret that you have to visit the forum to find out about.


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    Purchase building materials from the Dealer

    Since Playrix has already included “Separate building just for materials and tools” in its list of suggestions that will never be implemented, then at the very least LET US PURCHASE BUILDING MATERIALS FROM THE DEALER!!! That way we can at least focus our effort on building a community building during a time that we can spare some barn space to do so (i.e. in between Regattas when we don’t need to have so many products on hand in the barn)

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    I wholeheartedly agree with u. It takes valuable space in the barn that u have to keep selling. U can't even upgrade barn, b/c u never receive the material either. So ur always in a bind. It frustrating. And the buildings never get finished.

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