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Thread: Co-op Ad: BinkyVille Needs Your Help Please

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    Co-op Ad: BinkyVille Needs Your Help Please

    We are:
    A decent little group of longtime players, we try hard, play daily and we're actively engaging. We do our best to help each other, giving all team mates an enjoyable race.

    We have:
    Been badly let down by having had a number of team mates who haven't contributed at all. This is why we are seeking new team mates.

    We're looking for people who are:
    TEAM PLAYERS only please, we don't expect miracles, but would really like new team mates, who are able to follow a simple strategy, be respectful, cooperative, have an understanding of regatta tasks, and hopefully, have great fun.

    Our Aim: Global Domination ������

    Please Contact Us: You can find us as Binky&Co or send me a private/visitor message on the forum, or request to join our co-op in the game.

    Appreciate you having bothered to read this. Happy Gaming ������
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