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Thread: delete and start over

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    Aaron-and Michelle Able

    delete and start over

    I want to delete my city and start over. My husband and I share a facebook. He linked his town on his phone to facebook ( i didnt know.) When I tried to link ( to get the 5 tbills) it coppied his city to my phone. We now both have his city and signed in with 2 different google+ accounts. If anyone can help....

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    Aaron-and Michelle Able
    We both just want to delete and start over...

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    Hi, under settings, the wheel on top left, under name, you can click it , and will see option to disconnect from Facebook. I imagine, if you're already connected to your Google account, this should work. If it doesn't reset, you can go to your phone settings>apps>then clear cache and DATA. Open app again, and it will be just like first time, just sign back into your Google account.

    * Before doing this, make sure your Google account is connected. Will be under settings, exactly next to where you disconnected from Facebook. It will be as simple as pressing connect and/or disconnect. If your Google account is not connected before cleaning data, you will lose everything. As long as its connected, when you sign back in, you'll be good to go hope that helps , feel free to ask anything else.

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