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Thread: Interview with Janice aka Nana!

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    Oh Nana, I do hope the make you a character in our town!
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    I really enjoyed reading this interview. It is nice to get to know the person behind the keyboard a bit better. I hope that there will be more to come

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    Great idea! Even though I have known Nana on the forums for the last 3 years, I really enjoyed reading the interview. I too really hope Nana will become a character in the game. That would be awesome.
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    Yes FOR SURE Graylady should be the next one interviewed! The help she has given players is 'beyond' words to describe.

    Petcircus 5 (Leilani) YOU'RE BACK! Oh girl - you have been missed - we all (the original GG's gang - who still are friends and keep in touch) often talked about you, wondering how you were doing, hoping things were ok. So absolutely awesomely fantabulous to see you back in Township!

    Sandy aka truck taz
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    Dear Anastasia: I too think Graylady should be the next interview and here is why:

    Last year, I learned that Township has the exact same birthday as me - September 20th. I installed Township in November, so it was truly in its infancy. Due to a panic (flooding in my town) about 3 months later, I somehow discovered this Forum and stumbled in like many new, befuddled players, looking for help. I soon discovered a whole new world - Kuen (a brand new Administrator), Ralph, and Graylady, plus a few others who have long ago disappeared.

    Ralph and Graylady were already quite the pros in the game - true pioneers who had figured things out, or if not, debated back and forth until they did figure it out. They were always (and remain) several levels ahead of me and far richer in coins and cash. I was the lagger, the hanger on of every word and revelation they had. I was never jealous (perhaps a little envious) of them, but always thrilled when they seemed to have the answer to every dilemma.

    Graylady is truly a pioneer and extremely good player. We all struggled through some rocky times during Townships early years and some, like Graylady helped steer us through until things smoothed and leveled out. She was our very first and longest lasting Moderator - a role she gave up formally, but still continues on as Moderator-emeritus - guiding the hapless and the helpless through numerous game problems.

    I was always the artsy-fartsy one, getting into trouble with Liza (our next Administrator) or having a good laugh with her, while Graylady with nose to grindstone led bewildered and upset players to find solutions to their problems.

    There is NO ONE more knowledgeable or helpful in the layman's Playrix world than her. Please consider my request and DEMAND she provide you a photo for the artists (I happen to know she is quite a beautiful woman)!
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    Nana - my post said "no words" - because I just don't have the way with words as you. What a beautiful and amazing post. I've told you before and I'll say it again - you are a 'writer'. I would read your books - you are so eloquent. What a beautiful and 'so deserved' tribute to Graylady.
    Sandy aka truck taz
    Level 185
    Co-op: Merry Musketeers
    At max of in-game friends but pending works well ;-)

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    Enjoyed the interview very much and am looking forward to reading more. Thank you .

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    Loved reading about you Nana!! Always loved your advice!! And getting to know you

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    Great read. Thank you.

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    Nana, what Sandy said - thanks again! ������ (rose)

    Anastasia, what Nana said about Graylady... please. ������ (thumbs-up)

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