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Thread: Interview with Janice aka Nana!

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    Interview with Janice aka Nana!


    Our Township Community is a whole world, which our amazing players make so diverse and unique. Every day four million people log into the game from all over the globe, all having their own exciting stories to tell. This is actually so inspiring for us, the development team, that we thought — those stories sure deserve to be heard! So… We’re launching a series of new posts: interviews with Townshippers!

    The first one on our radar happened to be one of the most devoted Township players! This person has many faces: she’s the honorary member of the Township forum, the greatest mayor of Far Niente Bay (level 129), a beloved mother, and a great grandma! Meet Janice, also known as Nana, who has seen Township evolution for three years now. She sure has a lot to tell!

    Interviewer: Let’s meet! Would you tell us a bit about your background?

    Janice: I live and work in the Central Valley of California - a very agricultural area, and have been employed in accounting and administration most of my adult life. When my children were younger I was a volunteer art teacher at their private school. I have 2 daughters, 2 sons, 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. I will retire late next year - more time for Township! Ha.

    I.: What are your hobbies besides playing Township?

    J.: For many years I was a garden-aholic: planting, pruning, weeding, digging - great physical exercise and the bonus of glorious blooms to provide me bliss (the failures, and there were many, all went to the compost bin). Due to certain circumstances, my gardening has been curtailed - though I still putter in the yard now and then. I love classical art and opera, and love to read historical biographies.

    I.: How did it all begin for you with the game? Tell us your Township story!

    J.: I bought an iPad and discovered the world of games on offer and was especially drawn to those with great graphics. Running out of new games to play, I stumbled onto Township, downloaded it and thought I would play a week or two till I found something more to my liking. That was 3 years ago. I still occasionally try another game, especially when I am bored and frustrated with trying to complete the danged Zoo! But, I always end up deleting them and return to filling Zoo baskets like a dutiful robot. LOL!

    I.: What’s that secret ingredient that kept you playing through all these years?

    J.: A great game with more frequent updates in recent years, continual excellence in graphic design and smooth game play, humorous vignettes, and interesting events. And PEOPLE. I have made so many friends and acquaintances from around the world. The friends transcend the game and we keep in touch via email. These friendships were all made on the Township Forum - which, before the advent of co-ops, was a quite lively place for all kinds of chatter. It isn't that way any more, as everyone sticks pretty close to their co-op chat rooms and rarely venture out. Many of my friends never visit the Forum at all any more. Very sad, but hooray for email.

    I.: How do you think, what’s your biggest achievement in Township?

    J.: I truly don't have a biggest achievement (maybe if I ever finally finish the Zoo, that will be it!).

    I.: Could you share some tips on how to become a pro Townshipper like yourself?

    J.: Sure! Read the Forum carefully, listen to the advice given by excellent, high level, strategic players. I had 2 mentors who guided me along - Ralph (who we lost earlier this year) and Graylady (a walking encyclopedia of the game and technology). There have been others, too - somebody always has a great tip to share if you listen carefully.

    I.: With your devotion to the game, it's safe to say that you're living a double life Has your virtual life ever influenced the reality around?

    J.: No, the virtual has never influenced the real, however the real has very much influenced my little virtual town. Living in Ag country, close to the Pacific Ocean and the high Sierra Nevada mountains has impacted how and where I place things in my Township.

    I.: You’re one of the respected senior members of the Township Forum. What’s that about the forum that you enjoy most?

    J.: Trying to help others who are in a panic or fearful of losing their game. If I can't help them, I try to steer them to someone who can help. I was lucky to make friends with past Admins - Kuen, Liza, Ksenia, Dmitry, Nataly and Anastasia. I have had many, many game wishes fulfilled just by chatting with them on the Forum. (I sort of even got to know Anton, the project manager, through Ralph being a beta tester.)

    I.: If you could change or add one thing to the game, what would it be?

    J.: Well, I sure would make the Zoo a more pleasant endeavor to build. Ha Ha. I also want to see something exciting and fun on the deserted island we all have in our bay.

    I.: What do you want to wish Township developers and players?

    J.: Happy, relaxing, entertaining and not too challenging play for us. Creative, surprising, attention to details for the developers as they continue to build on a terrific game. I named my town Far Niente Bay - loosely translated from Italian, "without a care." That is how I like to play Township!

    Kudos to Nana for taking the time to share her story! If you guys have questions or just want to thank our interviewee, feel free to use this thread

    Do YOU want to share your story with the Township community? Go ahead and apply for the next interview in this thread.
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    Congratulations to whoever came up with this idea and to Nana ...the first! Wonderful interview! I would love it if we could suggest players for the next one....I have a long list!

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    Fantastic interview and a wonderful idea! Congratulations to Nana for being the first player interviewee!!

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    Yea Nana!

    Very fitting interview!

    Nice job!

    Kind regards,

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    What a wonderful interview Jan! So proud of you, and always feeling blessed for your friendship and sage advice.

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    I haven't been a visitor to the Forum for all that long but as soon as I see Nana's name I'm there like a shot, always such helpful, friendly and well phrased advice. Fascinating interview, you sound like a fabulous lady Nana. Kudos to Playrix too for your ongoing willingness to involve your players as much as you can. Sound business sense as well of course. Keep us happy and your game thrives. Looking forward to the next interview, have to say Graylady is another particular favourite of mine.

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    Thank you to Anastasia, Playrix, and my friends for this great experience - the game, the Forum, the interview.

    Sandy: an old friend just helped fill my plane crate and I almost burst into tears (Leilani - Pet Circus). It seems she is back! See these friends are real, even if we never meet in person!

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    Really enjoyed reading the interview with nana. Love the picture and hope you make it into the game so I can see you in my town.

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    Debería tener traducción,!!

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    Great idea Thanks, Playrix, and thanks, Nana!

    I also like the picture - is it close?

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