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Thread: Interview with a Player (Applications)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonie Pinkslip View Post
    What is your player code, Cobalt! So I can find you
    while waiting that he sees it: Just look for one of his posts (via menu Community / member list), and in the signature you'll find town name and Coop tag to visit him.

    like here:

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    I love the game thanks

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    I would really enjoy learning how township was when it first started. I am currently a player at level 70, and I can't seem to get enough of it. My husband used to complain because I spent so much time on it,but he decided if you can't beat them you just join them so now he plays as well. I wonder how many growing pains they had to suffer through. I can't believe the c complaints sometimes for upgrades that improve and ultimately stabilise the game. I enjoy learning historical facts and wonder what some of the best and worst times have been. I love township and since she has been playing for so long I have to think she does as well. My town is Frankville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonie Pinkslip View Post
    What is your player code, Cobalt! So I can find you
    Hi Moonie Pinkslip, and welcome to the Forum.

    I have not been on the Forum as much lately, so I missed your post.
    I do like your name! Nice

    Kind Regards,

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    Town: Conilaque Level: 39 (almost 40 yay) I’ve been playing for about a year, I was inactive for two months because I accidentally left my device on an airplane lol. My story needs to be shared because it is as interesting as others

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    Is this still a thing? I loved reading the past interviews and would be interested in seeing/ reading more. I’m too new to the forum and so don’t deserve nor really want a spotlight but maybe some of the more senior members of the forum (speaking gold member status here, not age ).

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    Playing for 2 months, level 50ish and growing.

    I’m a licensed medical cannabis caregiver for cancer patients. I spend a lot of time in my “garden” and kitchen creating yummy treats full of healthy “herbal” medicine for my patients. I’m also hold two BS degrees in marketing and IT. I used to be a video game tester years ago when players were allowed to participate and make the games great. Now, big business has a choke hold on gaming and I find most console games redundant and boring. It’s hard for me to find a game that holds my attention.

    Township is great for me as there are tasks that can be completed immediately, tasks that take time I can set up for and come back to, tasks that require advanced planning and strategy and tasks to help others. I find the game multifaceted serving many needs for all types of gamers. I like how I can play at home, in a traffic jam, at the doctor office or at the beach whereas console games I have to be home to play.

    I created an awesome co op called CannaTown. We are a super helpful bunch of gamers and the teamwork is stellar. I like educating new players with the Daily Tip, guiding seasoned players on how to complete their level appropriate regatta tasks and help others to complete theirs.

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    Mesa az
    Hi my game name is Angel wings I have been playing close to about 2 months and almost lvl 56. I have been in enough co-op and I just started my own NO DRAMA CO-OP
    I rather help players get better then myself. I am a 2 player co-op right now already in first place no time out of wooden.
    I live in Mesa Arizona USA.
    I am a single Mon of a disabled adult child who is my life. Township is my mom time and down time threw out the day.
    I love helping others and great heart as I been told.
    Love this game met a lot of great people since I been on.

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    It has been 5 years since I started the regional game and I included all my friends and family in the game. I became 119 levels.

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