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Thread: Major Kudos to Liza Makhina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Thanks again guys!

    Chic, since more and more spam bots are attacking our forum these days, my favorite weapon happens to be my almighty banhammer

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    Liza...Love the banhammar or what aptly the spamhammar! It's also a good profile shot of you and da#% you've been working out, girl !!

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    Different topic,but I thought I'd add my thanks to Liza on this thread.
    After playing for 18 months I thought my town was lost after I needed a new tablet.
    Restarting from level 1 on the newly downloaded game,was daunting...
    My patience was rewarded when Liza & the team managed to recover my original, humble effort.
    It took awhile,due to the ongoing problems,but we got there in the end.
    Moral of the story- be patient....
    That,or learn to use Facebook from the start.
    Well done all.

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    Aaaaw maaaaaan......the Forums full of spam again

    ooops.....put this on wrong thread....too much brandy in me mince pies I think.....hehe

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