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Thread: New players joining coop.

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    New players joining coop.

    Has anyone else had a problem with new players joining your coop and not saying anything then not doing very simple rules???
    Why do they do this? Do you think its corruption? Lol!

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    We had a problem with a newbee only took a task and left again. I hate it when tis happens.

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    Really young kids play this game too. Kids from all over Europe. Kids that generally know no other language than their own native tongue.

    The graphics of this game attracts them, and they can get a pretty decent grasp at the tasks the game provides them. They can play this game pretty well. But they won't always read chat. They're mostly doing their 'own thing' basically.

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    The one left us was 46...

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    We have had the same problem. Not sure if it's kids or not but my group is called 'Real Regetta Racers' description says about doing 14 tasks at 125 point minimum. Or opt out. And i send out a group message saying all of this before the regetta starts. I don't see how people think its anything but that!
    Last regetta we had 4 new players join. 2 was great and they are now a welcomed and great addition to our group. But one of them took a task at 117 points and took days to do it. I pulled them up about it and asked politely if they could abide by the rules. We come to the end of the race and they had done 7 tasks, i kicked before they could get the rewards as i do not believe they deserved any. And the other player done 10 tasks and 3 was lower than the 125 min. I kicked them after the regetta ended as they did help a fair bit so decided to give them the rewards.
    This week I had 2 new players join and sent out a few messages to the group saying please say hello and let us know you understand the rules etc and none of them responded, one had there status as not racing and they look like they have not been on for a few days but I kicked the other one befpre this regetta started as i did not want to risk putting our team at a disadvantage again.
    Just wanted a little moan about it lol! And wandered if anyone was having the same thing as its happened a fair few times now and beginning to get very annoying!

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    Hi Samantha,I complained about this sort of thing the other day,We had a person level 77 joining us ,coop is closed,I invited him.He looked okay ,chatted okay,said his sister and daughter will also be joining us,he took an aeroplane task,dropped it and took another low point one.Then in the middle of the regatta he left without a word,daughter also left,they did a few tasks.The sister left after the regatta,doing 16 tasks,am reluctant to invite another person.We all felt very bad,just wish a person can check before inviting them.

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    I do the recruiting for our co-op. After problems like that, we decided to close and only recruit on the forum. We like being mid-sized, so we're not desperate for members. It can take weeks to find even one player that seems a good fit. I chat and send the rules before sending an invitation. So far it's worked well for us.

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    So there it is. You don't know this new member. You don't know their background, age nor playing habits. You don't know how reliable they are etc. They could be awesome, they could be a total bust.

    How do you deal with that? How do you prevent disappointment and/or backlash, at least to some extent? Here are some clear and basic ways:

    1 ) Expect the worst. Welcome your newest member, but don't expect them to be excellent from the get go. Don't even expect them to be adequate. Instead, expect that they did NOT read your coop description at all and will likely ignore your rules! Also, remember: trust is built up over time and starts from 0!

    2 ) Be clear about your rules from the very start of each new member. You can be clear about your rules and still be friendly. We expect this and that from you. If you don't follow these rules you get kicked. We're looking forward to having a good time together.

    3 ) Enforce your rules firmly yet reasonably. New members get no leeway, ever. Don't ask why they don't follow the rules, because clearly they've failed to read them or follow them, so what's there to explain? It's kick time. You don't want to start off on a slippery slope! Older members could get a second chance, if they've always been good in the past. They've built up trust, and RL sometimes happens, so yeah, some slack can be cut there.

    4 ) Communicate clearly and openly about sanctions. Announce the kick of the player, with the reason(s) why. Then before you kick them you say "I'm sorry but we have to kick you at this moment because of this.". Because this is true, you are truly sorry. You're not kicking them because you're mean.

    Following these steps means:
    1 ) You don't expect new members to be great additions, so you're not disappointed if they turn out worthless.
    2 ) You communicate your rules clearly, allowing you to enforce them.
    3 ) You enforce them swiftly, minimizing damage to your coop's regatta performance.
    4 ) Kicked members are notified of the reason why, and are aware it was not out of mean intent.

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    I'm so glad you are talking about this, perhaps you can put me straight as I dont want to offend anyone. I'm fairly new, level 60. I decided to leave my coop as only 5 out of the 20 were racing and felt like getting a bit more competitive. I found a coop that said they do one week hardcore racing and everyone expected to do all 15 tasks. I introduced myself, said I'd never done 15 before but would try my best and leave if I couldnt manage it. One member said as I couldnt do 15 I should opt out. I replied that I didnt say I couldnt, I just never have before and surely anything I can manage would help the team but perhaps I should just leave anyway. The reply was seeing as I was so argumentative I should just leave.I was horrified! Just wanted a chance to try and my questions were so I could understand. I have been managing to do the 11 tasks my league required w ith a couple of days to spare so thought there was a good chance I would complete them all. What did I do wrong? Quite sensitive so being told I was argumentative really upset me when I was just trying to join a 'friendly' competitive coop. Did I make some huge township faux pas? Please advise me.x

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    We have a rule. If they don't confirm understanding of the rules before the race starts we kick them

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