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Thread: A Tale of Two Co-ops - Ending

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    A Tale of Two Co-ops - Ending

    The Forum was buzzing with the upcoming Regatta Jamboree. One thread seemed to dominate discussions and that was who would get the better of it between Rob’s Colossus Co-op and Ned’s Uber Co-op. They were the flagship co-ops of Township.

    There was no lack of trash talking back and forth between the members of the two. Some member of Colossus called Uber a little boy Co-op. Colossus was accused of cheating their way to victory lane. Even the leaders joined in the foray and after a few rounds it was settled that Rob and Ned were incredulously wagering a $1000 on the outcome. The Forum moderator had to cool things off with banning threats.

    Tuesday came and Uber and Colossus had agreed on racing with 12 each out of their membership. It was intense. It soon became obvious to those playing that it would take the fastest perfect score (25,920) to win and that it would be Colossus first. One of the former members of that mighty Co-op later revealed that Rob had purchased safes of T-cash as a prelude to racing and the other 11 had purchased a case of T-cash each. Rob speed flipped the Task Board and the racers sped of their tasks. They had also selected racers who would be up earlier than the American racers. Rob left no stone unturned. It would seem that Colossus had turned a Regatta into a contest of who would throw the most money at it.

    And Rob would have won, except for the weirdest inexplicable twist of fate at the finish line. The last task taken for the Colossus team was taken by Phil and it was not a 135 point task. Phil was quicker than Rob and took an 82 point milk task before Rob had a chance to flip the board. And in his last seconds before he was booted out, he left a chat line “Have a nice day.”

    Uber caught up with and out pointed Colossus to win the Regatta. Was Phil a Trojan horse? It could never be proven either way, but the next day you could see his name on the membership role of Uber.

    It is strange the life of a large Co-op and their inevitable demise. Rob getting beaten by Ned was a hammer blow to the foundation of Colossus. It split. In the weeks that followed this loss, Colossus began hemorrhaging members. The first to leave was Millicent for Rob had blamed her for Phil before all, calling her a stupid B. Then it was two each week for two weeks then the major split came. Colossus was gone. It seems that the members put up with a lot to be the best, but when they no longer were, why put up with Co-op tyranny? Uber is still having fun, and winning along the way.
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    Wow! Thanks for sharing the drama. Glad we don’t have it. LOL - member of Tigger’s Den

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