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Thread: Does anyone else think this game is incredibly expensive? Maybe a rip off?

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    No apology needed, Leilani, definitely not for me. :-) It happens when one reads fast (and as I said, it seems the complaints and the advice are quite similar for many of these games ;-) ).

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    I am on level 1226 (waiting for the new levels to be released) and haven't spent any real money on the game. I have been playing for about a year. The game gives you coins for passing levels and I use them to occasionally buy powerups (using in-game coins) or buy 5 extra moves. Whatever I have to do to PASS a level...but never had to spend real $$ and wouldn't anyway.

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    How do you do it?I can't afford to buy coins and gardenscapes takes me away from my depression, sometimes I think I'm dumb or just wasting my time

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    Yes 👿, it is not about skill, it is about your bank account

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