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Thread: What do you think of the Zoo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Same here ☺I've been so much more creative with the Zoo, and also have been wondering that so many stay with the default (double) names.
    I never realised we could change their names - so thanks!

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    (the poster before me mentioned it first, but really) my pleasure, Tassie ☺

    You can review and change them later through the Zoo book. Also when visiting others (no change there, of course <grin> ) - or by directly clicking on the enclosure.

    I also use the surplus of two Materials for a CB building to develop the respective Zoo shop, instead of selling them - if it so happens. Needs a bit of strategy and a lot of patience, in any case. ☺
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    Sharika Jeter
    Haven't explored other people's zoos or towns yet. Good to know that you can. Didn't realize the 4-D theater had a snack bar. Noticed zzz's coming from the building. That's how I found out.
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    Unhappy Progression:

    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Hi guys,

    The time has come and the most anticipated update is finally here!
    Please welcome the one, the only... the Zoo!

    Do you have any feedback to share with us? We would be absolutely happy to hear back from you!

    - Liza.
    Really enjoy the zoo aspect of this game but extremely discouraged and disappointed in how long it takes to progress in each level to grow the zoo. I actually find I am not bothering with it as much as the rest of the game because I. Know I really won't get to far with it.

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