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Thread: What do you think of the Zoo?

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    I noticed how some folks have the large zoo letters, at the entrance how do you go about getting those?

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    Ok guys... Here are some initial observations... You only need enough land expansion tools for one lot (where the old zoo entrance was), so I guess I'll sell the rest... You still need some construction materials, just not the outrageous amounts we needed for some of the buildings in town (so I guess I'll sell the rest of these, too)... The amounts needed are low, so you really shouldn't need to store a lot in your barn... The other tools needed for the Zoo are minimal, right now, so barn storage shouldn't really be an issue... I love the fact that this is only half of the Zoo... Looking at the achievements, we will have another 15 animal enclosures coming in ye future... Also, don't stress about coins; yes you will need some, just not millions... Overall, I am really happy with the Zoo... It nice to finally have something to do; as well as look forward to...

    Kudos to the devs... They out did themselves... Now they can take a little breather... It's going to take a little while for us to catch up...

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    Uh oh so they moved the zoo entrance? I'm going to have to do some shuffling - that will keep me busy until the update is available for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbox View Post
    Uh oh so they moved the zoo entrance? I'm going to have to do some shuffling - that will keep me busy until the update is available for me.
    Hi, you won't have to make room tir it yourself cos they have placed it at the other side of the train tracks opposite the train station. What you will have to do is redesign the bit where it was near the mountains and clear the bit of land expansion it was standing on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer View Post
    I noticed how some folks have the large zoo letters, at the entrance how do you go about getting those?
    The large zoo sign was the top prize in the animal feed event a week or so ago. You can't buy it. Although maybe some day we'll be able to trade and sell to each other.

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    I love the nice little touch of having the elephant statue as the fountain centrepiece with the water coming out of his trunk to make the cascade.

    Very well thought out whoever was responsible for that little idea.

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    You're asking about the Zoo...

    Alright. I really like it. Cuteness overload (well the male bear looks a bit retard but okay)
    I like the details like the kittens playing etc.
    I like the prices for the first animals, as they seem reasonable (we'll see about higher prices on later animals)
    I like the way to earn those hearts.
    I like that we don't have to feed the animals, as we can just watch them when we have them.
    I don't really like that there are new building materials that will fill up my barn too. Zoo should have it's own storage.
    I don't understand why you changed the location, as I decorated everything around the previous location. The Zoo now sits behind the (often) abandoned Event location, in the middle of nowhere.
    I wish we could have an animated playground there (or in general) as that standard empty playground looks a bit sad
    I hope that it will not eat up to much time, that I am able to care for my helicopter and town.
    Well done so far... 4th bear is breeding, Flamingos are under construction, Café will be ready in 45 minutes.

    I wait and see how it develops. At the moment i love it.

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    Okay Liza, as a player of 22 months. Love it, love it, love it. Kudos to the Development Team and to the Regular Forum Member thanks for making me smile every day. Love the Koalas, Kangaroos, and Crocs but my favourite is Poppa Bear... The only thing missing as he sits in the water are the occasional bubbles(if you know what I mean)

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    Good afternoon Liza and everyone.....

    Ive made a small start on the Zoo. Like others I will post my observations and feelings if that's ok.

    I think the Zoo is splendid, and has really bridged the gap for us who have had nothing to do for oh so long. I know not everyone will, but as I have Ksenia for a neighbour I have been able to visit her Zoo and see a lot of whats to come and am thoroughly looking forward to it all. Some of the animals are so cute... Made my first Bear family with two little ones and chose my own names - nice lol.....

    So very well done to the Devs and Kuen, Liza, all the admin team and moderators - You said it would be today and it has been. You said it would be worth waiting for and it has been.... Well I think so ....

    As to my observations... Only a few for now ha ha

    1. I think it was absolutely fine to move the Zoo to a much better location, but what I thought was very cheeky, was that we were then asked to pay for that one plot where the Zoo was originally, after all, a lot of us had redesigned parts of our Town to make a road into that initial place.... I think the least they could have done was give us that plot. Especially when hey ho what do you know, there were no other expansion slots for our proper Town (Again).... I'm bound to be in the minority here but now the Zoo is here we just stop cultivating our Towns do we? Some of us still want to spread out and not see clutter and keep our Towns in the style to which we want them to become accustomed ha ha !! As for there is no where to put the Zoo sign, plenty are putting it inside the Zoo its looks fine in there...

    2. I have also just played over 110 lines in the mine and as mentioned above in another post, the chests seem no different, in my 100 and odd lines I only had 1 chest ?? That has never happened in all the time I have played... So where have all the chests gone? Oh yeah I got some dynamite...

    3. Lastly I would just like to say and ask, Yes now we have the Zoo and as Ive said it gets full marks from me, I will enjoy playing in there I really will. I love the animations, and the Bear throwing water in his wife's face well that's just a hoot ha ha... and the baby bear going on his mums knee for a cuddle.... ok its hitting all the right soft spots ... And that's only the Bears.... lol...
    But I think what is needed over the next few days is some little assurances from the team that other things we have all asked for and waited for, for a very long time might now be going to come into play... so we can say "thats great they have not been forgotten about" and that's not me being greedy its just logical and some of us wanting some assurance. Also not to have to wait for another 4 updates before they appear too. Such as,
    The chests upgraded as spoken about......
    The balloons upgraded as spoken about.....
    The new coloured trees and flowers so so often asked for......
    Total honesty about expansion plots for our Towns......
    The Gifting every day to our friends/neighbours increase from five....
    The House of Luck to stop giving meaningless prizes thats been spoke of....

    Those are a start to the type of reassurances I think some of us just want to hear and that they will be totally worked and forthcoming, as we all did our very best to put everything to one side in expectation of the Zoo... We did as was asked of us throughout all the server problems and all the waiting for the Zoo....

    Please just know I have said all this with full on admiration and gratitude for the great Zoo and just asked about a few logical things that are still in the back of most of our minds.

    Well done to this great update and thank you !!

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    Blimey Chic, good post....I wish I had your typing prowess, lol.

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