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Thread: Strategies for earning XPs

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    Unrelated to XP, even with my trains at only 20% faster there's often not enough time to replace the goods by the time the next ones arrive.

    Mining is good for XP. Each clay collected is 16 XPs, don't ask me why.

    Selling surplus anything at the zoo -- whether it's a hot product or not. If a zoo shop wants corn or milk or something simple, keep pumping those. We get no XPs for selling an item from the barn, so might as well sell it in the zoo if you can.
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    I do see your point with upgrading trains to 50%. According to my figures and my style of playing, having trains at 50% could give me an extra set daily. That's assuming I can fill all 3 trains every time within an hour. But I can't. It usually takes me several hours. I think it would be more beneficial to increase factory time so that I can fill trains faster. Obviously the optimum would be to have both trains and factories at max speed. I've chosen to focus on factories first as it affects everything that I focus on...trains, planes and helicopter orders and filling requests for help.
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