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Thread: Power balance

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    Power balance

    Has anybody noticed the extreme power consumption after the Zoo was introduced?
    My tablet (state of the art and known for good battery capacity) drains like a mad man.
    I can hardly play 3 and a half hours of Township while watching movies can last half a day.
    Yes I know games need more power. But if my device tells me Township took 50% of all power needed to only keep my device running...... that is extreme.
    Please look at that.

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    Yes, I am noticing faster battery drain too.
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    I thought my phone was acting up lol. I'll charge mine to 100% and within a half an hour of playing, it's nearly drained. Basically play with it on the charger.

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    Yup faster battery drain on my iPad too. There are days when I only work in the office. Note I never take lunch or coffee breaks, so to take a few minutes - from time to time - to take advantage of Raja hourly, or do trains and planes and help friends - I don't feel guilty. But my iPad says to me by mid-afternoon "You idiot - you didn't bring your charger to work today?"

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    A long time ago, there was a game that you could go to other lands if you wanted to, me I was just happy playing my one Happy Place.

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