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Thread: Mission Impossible!!!

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    Mission Impossible!!!

    The Zoo (aka Mission Impossible)

    If the devs continue their current strategy, here is what we know:

    There will be 15 more levels (15 enclosures, 60 animals)... But we don't know how much new land we will/won't get...

    You will need all 8 baskets in the shops to unlock the other upgrades (coins, hearts, time)... We don't yet know how these upgrades will work (percentage of the upgrade or what they cost)...

    Now for Mission Impossible... (I just made Level 12, so I only have 12 more animals left for this part of the Zoo...

    Snack Bar: Basket #8, need 27 more animals to become available... So, into Zoo part 2...

    Cafe: Basket #7, 7 slabs, 37 boards, 32 screwdrivers... Enclosures also need boards, so into Zoo part 2...

    4D Theatre: Basket #7, need 3 more animals to become available... Need Level 13... Then, will probably need boards, so into Zoo part 2...

    Ice Cream Parlor: Basket #4, 11 glass, 20 boards, 19 screwdrivers... Enclosures also need boards, so into Zoo part 2...

    Gift Shop: Needs Level 14... Then??? Well, you get the picture...

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    The Zoo is really a very long time goal. They really found a way to slow us down LOL

    I'm way behind you Ralph. I play the Zoo kind of "part time" and have no intention to do more then that. I need something like 2,300 hearts to reach level 10. Except for the Ice Cream Shop, my shops have 4 baskets only and will stay that way. I don't know why but the Zoo did not trigger any enthusiasm from me.
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    Yes, the game play for the zoo isn't really balanced / organized properly. I hope this improves. Hardly ok to need 20 zoo boards to increase a basket and then 20 zoo boards to gain an animal. There isn't enough of the right materials and too much of the other materials / combinations of materials needed don't make sense. Even if you use Tbills to help advance with the zoo....the amount of Tbills required is way too much because it's like you need Tbills to advance with almost everything you need at the zoo.

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    Graylady - I agree with everything you said 100%. I stupidly upgraded to 5 baskets in two food shops and wish I hadn't. Won't upgrade any more. Sticking with the 2 starter baskets in the Ice Cream Shop also.

    After you "oooh and aaaah" over the initial animals, the Zoo becomes a big bore very fast and also too demanding to even care about expanding it.

    It is definitely NOT a fun addition in any way for me. Just another "demand" like the planes. Phooey!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    They didn't just slow us down, they almost made it so we don't even want to play... I can't even imagine being at level 40 and trying to deal with the regular game plus this... I really can't believe that they put that much time and effort into the developement of a thing that has become almost unplayable... IMHO!!!
    Ralph, Graylady, and Nana,
    Absolutely in agreement. The zoo is boring, boring, boring, but cute. I rarely visit the zoo, and even township in its entirety is rapidly becoming another unused app on my IPad.
    I have been trying to think what would improve this game, but in reality I think it has reached it's potential limits.
    Been fun for two years though!

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    I guess I will add my two cents worth here. I agree with everyone about the amazing amount of tools needed to get additional baskets at the concessions in the zoo. I have had to satisfy myself with four in each. Even then it can be challenging to fill them. I find I am using Raja each hour in order to have enough things to put in the baskets. I guess I have reconciled myself to progressing slowly in completing the zoo. I have been enjoying decorating there, though. I can't help but think things will change as the devs refine things in the zoo. We can only hope.
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    I hate to say this, but the game has gone from being a happy addiction to a drudge! I can't believe how many timbers we need and how slow they are to get! We shouldn't need timbers to upgrade the buildings as well as build the enclosures! That is just mad!!

    Like Doodle said, I'm having to use Rajah every hour just to fill the baskets, so I'm struggling with trains and planes as a result - especially as some days I'm invisible to my friends!

    The initial excitement has worn off, and it's just become a slog! We need something else to do in the Zoo - not just fill endless baskets!!

    Sorry for being negative, but I was SO looking forward to the Zoo, and now it's become a chore!

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    I'm just asking myself why we get 4 zoo tools but only need 2 of them. Tape and hinges are never asked for. Strange

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    I've used both tape and hinges to upgrade my shops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jem View Post
    I've used both tape and hinges to upgrade my shops.
    Only a few at the beginning. Afterwards you only need timber and screwdrivers , more then 30 each for box updates. No hinges or tapes for a long time now.

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