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Thread: cancelling orders

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    cancelling orders

    Sure wish there was a way to cancel orders from factories. I've made large orders, for example, pizzas (which take forever) - when I see that's the next thing coming up for the flight orders. Then I find out I don't need that much. Next I need a large order of cookies, or bread but the factory is still working on the pizzas and won't be completely done for hours!

    Very frustration.

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    Hi Rebknell,

    This is a common request but will not happen at this stage.
    I think your frustration is common. I don't normally fill the queue unless it is before going to bed so it can happen over night, or they are quick items like bread or sugar, or I know I don't need that factory for a while. Everyone has their own system.

    I think this is part of the strategy aspect of the game.

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    Maybe they can adjust a bit, like... we can cancel the order but the game will require us to pay some coins as penalty for cancelling. Good, right?

    But... while browsing, I noticed this page below. Sorry, rebknell...
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    Been there, done that lol! Learned my lesson. This is a game about management. Playrix has purposely built in aspects of the game to force players to decide between doing this or that. With planes and helicopter orders, decide if an order is beneficial to you before attempting to fill it. If it takes too much time or ties up your factories for too long or doesn't offer enough coin or experience then don't fill it. I just got a plane order asking for 3 crates of 10 bread each for a total of 30 bread....not going to fill that one that's for sure. Lol

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