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Thread: iPad notifications not working

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    iPad notifications not working

    A long time ago I disabled notifications for Township, but now I want (need) to receive them. I have changed my settings through a browser on my iMac in Facebook to allow notifications for the app and for Facebook. I have signed into Facebook in settings on my iPad. I have allowed notifications on my iPad for Township and Facebook And I have checked the boxes in app for notifications. But still nothing is being received. Does anyone have a suggestion? I am going crazy trying to figure this out.

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    If you are sure you have allowed notifications in all the areas you list, then the only wildcard idea I can think of is to see if you are logged into Game Center on your iPad. I know, I know, GC is just about worthless these days except for maintaining our GC friend list, but you might give it a shot anyway.

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    And suddenly I started receiving notifications. It must have taken a while for all systems (Playrix and Apple) to update their push notifications. A while meaning 6 hours. In this day of instant everything I suppose we forget that somethings take a little while.

    Thanks for your help Nana. I am not logged into GC because as you say it is pretty much worthless these days.

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    Great! I did say "wild card" above about GC - LOL!

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