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Thread: Stuck on lvl 143 its not fair

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    Stuck on lvl 143 its not fair

    OK there's definitely a glitch with the game stealing your
    Lives, its no wonder you can't win. I watched twice my lives just disappearing. Both times I had 2 lives, made one move and watched the 2 go straight to1 then zero IN ONE MOVE. I'm sure it happens all the time and I'd unfair. I have a feeling if I had money on the game I wouldn't be having this problem. Anyone e!se have this problems? Can you fix this plz. Its NOT FAIR


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    Hi Tinamhdz!
    I don't really understand the issue you're describing, but if I understand you correctly you mean that you're losing moves on a level, right?
    I btw have never experienced anything like that, and I've never bought anything in any of the games, like, EVER
    this would be my advice: probably you should record a video of how it happens or at least share the details with the support team.

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    I am stuck on level me beat it. I have not had any issues of my lives being taken away.

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