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Thread: READ ME Before You Post in "NEW TO TOWNSHIP"

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    Exclamation READ ME Before You Post in "NEW TO TOWNSHIP"



    This guide will answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for this sub-forum and guide you to the most popular topics and threads; essentially this is a "directory" for this sub-forum to help reduce the number of sticky threads needed at the top.

    Please Note:
    • Most of the interaction here is with other players; these are player-moderated forums. Playrix hosts these forums and you may see a Playrix admin pop in to make announcements or occasionally respond to a thread.
    • If you are having problems with the game, click the "What's New?" tab on the upper left to see what everyone is currently talking about. If there is a sudden widespread problem, there will definitely be some discussion there. If that doesn't help, try using the search function on the upper right to see if anyone has had a similar problem. If that doesn't work, visit the Township Troubles & Solutions sub-forum and/or Contact Township Support.

    Please review the following before starting a new thread:

    Should you have any other pressing questions or concerns, please send a private message to a Moderator:
    Nevada or Dread.
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    Question Frequently Asked Questions (A-L)

    Adding Friends
    You can add players as friends in the following ways as long as they play on the same platform as you (Mobile, Mac, or PC). You can have up to 50 friends added in-game; these will have blue backgrounds.

    • In game: Add them in game from your Friends list in the Co-op Members, Recent Helpers, or Find Friends tabs. You will be able to send an invite directly from your Friends window or in their town with the green + button at the bottom left of the screen.
    • In game: use their personal invite code which they must supply to you; you can generate your own code by clicking the green button at the bottom of the Friends window.
    • Add someone who plays as a friend on Facebook; they will show up with a tan background in your Friends list like Ernie.

    Playrix Article(s): Friends and Player Interaction
    Related forum link(s): Related Wiki Article(s): Friends

    Boosters are used at the Laboratory to boost different aspects of your town, such as to make crops harvest twice as many or make helicopter orders worth twice as many coins. You may win them during Events, purchase them from the Yacht Club with tokens, or buy them with gems at the Laboratory.

    Playrix Article(s): Why do I need the Laboratory? What boosters does it give?
    Related Wiki Article(s): Laboratory (contains Booster Details)

    The House of Luck will hold up to 50 clovers. A maximum of 100 additional clovers can be stored in the Town Hall mailbox and should be collected (moved) to the House of Luck when room is available.

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s):
    Related Wiki Article(s):House of Luck

    Co-ops and Regatta
    For more information on Co-ops, Regattas, Seasons, and Co-op Help Requests, please visit this sub-forum and review the stickies.

    Crate Load Coupons
    Load coupons are occasionally offered as Yacht Club offers or community event rewards. You can use them to fill any train cart or plane crate including any friend who needs help. The option will appear as long as you have load coupons available. Using a coupon will fill the cart/crate but will not give you the XP or coins for that cart/crate.

    Related Wiki Article(s):

    Decorations and Design
    If you're looking for information or chatter about decoration and design, take a look at the links below.

    Playrix Article(s):Related Wiki Article(s): Decorations
    Related forum link(s):

    Earning Coins and Township Cash
    You can earn T-Cash when you get your daily bonus from Ernie, receive gifts from friends, complete achievements play in the House of Luck, win a top place in an event, watch videos from the film director[/URL], fill helicopter orders for jewelry, find it in the mine, complete Community Buildings, and comple Zoo families.

    Playrix Article(s): When do I get 4-leaf clovers for helping co-op members?
    Related forum link(s):

    Related Wiki Article(s): Coins and T-Cash

    Gems are used to buy boosters at the Laboratory and animals at the Zoo. To see how many you have, click the arrows next the purple gem at the top right of the game screen. You can buy more gems with T-Cash, earn them at the Zoo Buildings, win them in the House of Luck, or buy them with tokens from the Yacht Club (when offered).

    Playrix Article(s): How do I get more gems? And what do I need them for?
    Related Wiki Article(s): Laboratory (contains Gem Details)
    Related forum link(s): Gem Count: Topaz Toppers

    Helping Other Players
    You can help other players by filling plane crates or train carts when they ask for help. These players can be from your Friends, Co-op Members, Recent Helpers, or Find Friends tabs. If you find an active player, add them as a friend to be sure you don't lose them -- and keep on helping! It's a great way to show appreciation for those who help you and to earn clovers for the House of Luck.
    (For information on Co-op requests/helping, please see the Co-op and Regatta sub-forum).

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s):
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    Question Frequently Asked Questions (M-Z)

    Managing Barn Storage/Getting Supplies for CB and Barn Expansions
    Managing storage is a cornerstone of the game and has to be balanced with building and expanding. If you have too many building supplies and your barn is full you may have to sell some of it.
    • First, a good start is to upgrade your trains at the Academy of Industry. Once you have them to 50% time reduction (level 21) they return within 2-2.5 hours making it faster to accrue building materials, barn tools, and mining tools.
    • Secondly, manage the amount of tools and supplies in your barn with the Train Tip from the Township Wiki:

    The trains follow an algorithm bringing back random materials, but having too many of 1 material can result in getting too many of the same material. It's best to sell materials if you have too many. Find the lowest amount needed to finish a community building or barn upgrade and sell the materials/tools down to 1 below what's required to complete the building or upgrade.

    Example: You have 70 glass, 20 bricks, and 20 slabs...and you need 40 glass, 40 bricks and 40 slabs to finish the lowest level community building.

    Sell glass down to 39 (1 below the required amount), so bricks and slabs will come more often on trains. The train has better odds of bringing you what you need when all materials/tools are below the required amount for completing a building or upgrade. Keep repeating this until you have 39-40 bricks, slabs and glass, and hopefully the next train will bring the remaining 1-3 items to complete your building!
    Playrix Article(s): Related forum link(s):
    Related Wiki Article(s): See “Train Tip”

    Upgrading Strategy/Academy of Industry
    Some players wonder if there is a more "beneficial" or "strategic" order to upgrade factories, trains, islands, etc. This is a matter of your own gameplay style and in-game goals but if you have questions about it, the links below may give you some good reading and discussion:

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s):

    For more information on Zoos & Enclosures, please visit this sub-forum and review the stickies.
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