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Thread: Zoo & the barn

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    Zoo & the barn

    Before the zoo was here my barn was always nearly full to capacity

    Now I have 600 free spaces out of 2385

    Constantly trying to keep up with the sales from the barn shops
    Really it's a constant battle

    Try to get Raja to get me some hot products I need whilst making them as well leaves me short of jewels as I normally used to get Raja to find those.

    Now I instead of having 20 of almost every food I'm down to the last few of lots.

    Anyone else in same situation ?

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    I'm filled to capacity as well but nowhere near the barn space you have. 600 free space? And you're complaining? I'm struggling with a barn that isn't even a third of that and I'm lucky if I can find 10 free spaces in my barn, let alone 600. And 20 of each product is a dream I don't let myself even dream of. Zoo does add quite a lot of pressure to your barn but considering how large yours is, you shouldn't have a problem.

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    I currently have between 50-100 spaces in my barn. I have 3 zoo shops and only stock them with those items that take the longest to sell (usually 2+ hours). I buy them from Raj first, and may make a few as backup. This way, I am only buying 3 products for the zoo and can continue to buy all jewellery and other products as needed, as well as keeping the barn and factories stocked.
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    My barn is at 2460 and I have 50 empty spaces right now. I usually keep 100 free spots.

    I have 3 shops in my Zoo and I only have 4 baskets each. Not getting more baskets make things easier to manage. I buy some of my HOT items from Rajah. I have around 60 boxes in my Market and I buy everything except crops and feed bags. If I run out of Hot products, I just use the next best one.
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    My only complaint is I don't have enough items to help other people
    Other than keeping about 200/300 wheat in my barn.

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